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Summary of the Last 20 Years of the Celebration

In an effort to keep its constituents informed, The Celebration, Inc. released the following information for the past twenty (20) years comparing the number of horses entering the Celebration, number of entries, number of entries that actually showed, number turned down in inspection, and the percentage of the total entries that were turned down.


1984 1,812 2,983 2,065 115 5.6%

1985 2,002 3,264 2,146 166 7.7%

1986 2,012 3,328 2,250 164 7.3%

1987 2,032 3,483 2,371 175 7.4%

1988 1,993 3,490 2,480 56 2.3%

1989 2,113 3,738 2,592 89 3.4%

1990 2,054 3,752 2,606 116 4.5%

1991 1,930 3,603 2,623 82 3.1%

1992 1,992 3,772 2,638 93 3.5%

1993 2,011 3,891 2,724 76 2.7%

1994 2,030 3,864 2,764 49 1.8%

1995 1,987 3,621 2,446 46 1.9%

1996 2,170 4,505 3,090 89 2.9%

1997 2,320 4,613 2,999 92 3.1%

1998 2,074 3,927 2,590 84 3.2%

1999 2,226 4,335 2,871 74 2.6%

2000 2,283 4,593 2,982 92 3.1%

2001 2,475 5,037 3,369 87 2.6%

2002 2,554 5,327 3,481 119 3.4%

2003 2,591 5,461 3,645 113 3.1%

2003 Celebration

2546 Horses entered in the Celebration

37 Equitation entries

8 Horses entered in Celebration championship classes after entering the Futurity

2591 Total horses entered in the 2003 Celebration

5,461 Total Entries

3,645 Total Showed (67% of total entries showed)

113 DQP Tickets

9 DQP Tickets (Post Show)

0 DQP Ticketed allowed to show

122 Total DQP tickets at the 2003 Celebration

35 excused from the ring by judges: Unruly-5, Illegal Bit-1, Blood-6, Hands Incorrect on Bridle-10, Bit Too Long-3, Tie Downs-4, Bad Image-3,


12 thrown shoes in the Flat Shod Division, 6 replaced

10 thrown shoes in the Padded Division, 6 replaced

5 Classic Horses won blue ribbons:

A VERY SPECIAL LADY owned by Kathline Capps, Knoxville and handled by Tommy Howell. Class 1 - Model Pleasure Walking Mares

GEN’S FIRE & ICE owned by Stonegait Farms, Orange, CA and ridden by Susan Gordon. Class 29 - Owner-Amateur Lady Riders On Walking Geldings Class 145 - Owner-Amateur Riders On Walking Mares or Geldings, World Grand Championship

EB’S CLOUD NINE owned by Clayton & Blackburn, Bremen, GA & Franklin and ridden by Alex Blackburn. Class 47C - Owner-Amateur Youth Riders on Walking Geldings, Riders 11 Years and Under

JUBILEE’S STAR WARS owned and ridden by Daniel Groover, Brentwood. Class 106 - Owner-Amateur Riders On Walking Mares or Geldings, Five Years & Over (Canter) Class 151 - Owner-Amateur Riders On Walking Horses World Grand Championship (Canter)

PRIDE’S FLASHY GIRL owned by Flying Sun Acres, Inc. and Richard & Elaine Doxey and ridden by Elaine Doxey, Dunnellon, FL. Class 121 - Owner-Amateur Riders On Walking Horses, Classic Horses 15 Years and Over

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