It’s a Celebration tradition for the Sunday night edition of the Celebration to begin at 7:30 rather than 7. But even with this late beginning, the show was over by 10:48.

During those three hours, eight classes took to the ring. There was quite a variety, ranging from young riders on mares or geldings, and ponies, to western riders and owner-amateur riders, to junior stallions. A little more was thrown in for good measure. After all the cards had been marked for the evening, four of the night’s winners claimed the distinction of having won with all three judges votes, and everyone was that much closer to campaigning for World Championship honors later in he week.

For this show, 8,793 people came through the turnstile, up 812 over last year. Paid attendance was 22,539, up 1,881 over 1991.

The night began when 26 riders between the ages of 12 and 14 came into the ring for the Owner/Amateur Junior Riders on Mares or Gelding Class. It was a large field, only three short of the number entered in the program, so the judges invited eight to park in on the grass. Even though there have been numerous workouts, this was the first time during the 1992 Celebration that riders have been allowed to “park in”. Since Andrew soaked the infield, riders have been “parking out” in the in chute. Judges Johnson, Carpenter and Hamilton added four more to the field, making it an even dozen to go back to the rail for additional work.

When the cards were in, Kelly Gordon entered the 12-14 junior exhibitor division the same way she left the 11 and under division, as a winner. She and Flashdance wore the unanimous blue from the ring for Stone Gait Farms and her parents, Arthur and Susan Gordon. This was the first time she had shown the mare at the Celebration.

Reserve belonged to Rocket’s Black Pride and Justin Jenne, riding for Philpott and Jenne. Third went to Peddler’s Lady Jane and John Allan Callaway for Smith and Callaway.

Call Judge Hamilton set the pace for the following class, the Western Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod Class. Judge Irby was second judge, and Judge Johnson was third judge. They had a field of 20 from which to chose the top 10.

“Just A Spoonful Of Medicine” accompanied the winner, Heapin Spoonful and jockey, Victoria Martocci, around the ring to collect the blue. Heapin Spoonful was Reserve last year in this class.

Reserve went to Tsuniah’s Sunday and Russell Keyser for Caithness Croft Inc., while Symbol’s Hawkette was third with Sherrie Szucs for Peggy Kensicki.

Judges Hamilton, Johnson and Carpenter had another field of 20 enter the ring next for the Owner-Amateur Junior Riders on Ponies 60” and Under, riders 15-17.

It was a Classic Horse who claimed this title. Master Plan, was teamed to the win by Adam Hensley for Jeffcoat Stables.

Victoria Martocci had just enough time to change mounts for this class, from which she and Stock’s Triple C emerged with the red ribbon. Third went to Mark It Down and Brad Davis for Nancy Davis.

The first split class of the night hosted 18 four-year-old stallions in Division A and 23 in Division B. Judges Johnson, Hamilton and Howell marked the cards for the first class, while Judges Irby, Johnson and Hamilton chose the winners of the second class.

Powered By Generator took the blue in the first preliminary to the Junior World Grand Championship. Charlie Weddington was in the irons for Mrs. C.H. Dennis. Reserve went to Black Rain and Steve Aymett for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gleghorn. Affinity and Joe Weaver were third for Shannon Gaw.

Before the second division could be decided, the field was narrowed to 13 that worked for the top honors. Ultra Copy and Bill Cantrell were the unanimous choice to wear the blue for owners Dr. and Mrs. W.S. Warr.

The Touch and Chad Way were in the reserve spot for Mr. and Mrs. Hoil Walker, while Star Of The Future and Chad Baucom were third for Wildwood Farms.

In all, 66 horses were entered for the Owner-Amateur Riders on Four-Year-Old Mares or Geldings, Specialty Class. Thirty entered the ring for Division A and worked for Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Johnson. The field still was too large to decide without narrowing it down, so the officials called 14 back for extra work.

Beams Black Onyx and Gail Walling were the across-the-board choice for the blue. This entry is owned by Mark and Gail Walling.

Night Beam and Debbie Flack were Reserve for Mr. and Mrs. James Flack. Exclusive Choice and Jane Hardy Meredith picked up the yellow ribbon and third place.

The B Division of the class hosted 28 riders. On the spin of the wheel and the draw of the colored balls, Judge Irby was named Call Judge, Judge Carpenter was selected as second judge, and Judge Hamilton was picked as third judge.

This Is It was it - the judges’ unanimous choice for the blue, that is - with Conchita Watts in the saddle for the David Watts family. Bob Parks was the jockey for the Reserve winner, Jubilee’s Star Wars. Star Wars is owned by the Bob Parks family of Murfreesboro.

Wild At Heart and Marcus Whitman Jr. were third for Dr. and Mrs. Marcus Whitman Jr. It was another large class that entered the ring for the last time on Sunday night. Twenty-seven of the 43 Mares, Over 15.2 Hands, chose to work for the votes of Call Judge Irby, Second Judge Carpenter, and third Judge Hamilton.

Needless to say, this was another class which required closer inspection of a select few before the final decision was handed in. The judges pruned the field to 14.

It seems to be a trend. The Arthur Gordon family can count on two blue ribbons per night. It happened Saturday night, and again Sunday night when Pusher’s Evening Star and Russ Thompson wore the blue from he ring in he aged mare class.

Reserve in this one belonged to Dark Spirit’s Misty and Ramsey Bullington for the Robert Keenan family, while Majestic Madonna and Ronnie Spears were third for Melissa Polk.