Copyright WHR 2006

By Christy Howard Parsons

The accounting firm of Cook and Co. released the results of the TWHBEA election for National Directors today. The Tennessee ballot indicated that there were to be three directors elected, however due to an inadvertent error regarding the expiration of Charles Gleghorn's term as well as another director who moved out of the state of Tennessee, there were actually five seats to be filled in Tennessee.

The top five vote getters in Tennessee were Tracy Boyd (443 votes), Chris Bobo (369 votes), Dee Dee Sale (319 votes), Jerrold Pedigo (224 votes), and Walter Chism (222 votes). Current National Director and Executive Committee member Larry Lowman was not elected to another term in Tennessee.

Sid Baucom, current Vice President Bylaws, indicated in an earlier interview with The Report, that the bylaws required that the national election be completed by November 1, which prevented another election from taking place.

“There is no best way to do it,” said Baucom in an interview before the election results were counted. “This was a practical solution to an inadvertent error. The bylaws provide that in the event of a vacancy, such as a death or resignation, that the next highest vote getter assumes the position. The only practical thing to do is to let the top five highest vote getters assume the five seats.”

In other races across the country, Jamie Hankins was reelected in Kentucky. Joining him in Kentucky are Kim Bennett, Earl Rogers, Jr., and Ronnie Vincent.

In all, 23% of the 17,049 ballots were returned, or 3,940 votes cast nationwide.

For complete details and vote counts, see the TWHBEA release on this site for a link to the full accountant's report.