by Renee Isaacs


HARRODSBURG, Ky. - A downpour of rain came through Harrodsburg, Ky., to the Derby Classic Horse Show. Saturday alone, three inches came pouring down. Despite the mud and the rain, the show went on with a total of 233 entries for the two-day event.

Three VMOs, Dr. Lynn Bourgeois, Dr. Kurt Hammel and Dr. John Poe, were in attendance both days for the USDA. Their cooperation was good and the show went on as planned. The KWRHTA complimented on the USDA’s cooperation and on how well they worked with the KWHA-HIO DQPs. The association would like to thank the trainers for bringing their horses so that the show could be successful. A special thanks also goes out to the KWRHTA Corporate Sponsors that are as follows: Maximum Performance of Shelbyville, Tenn., Neace Lukens/Robbie Rowe of Lexington, Ky., Sweet Revenge Stables of Mt. Sterling, Ky., Bowtie Stables of Adams, Tenn., Waterfall Farms of Shelbyville, Tenn., Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch of Saratoga, Calif., Sand Creek Sales Inc. of Shelbyville, Tenn., Robert and Gloria Wiley of Macclenney, Fla., and Tom, Polly and Emily Ware of Cynthiana, Ky.



            Opening ceremonies for Friday evening began at 6 p.m. Travis Wiley made the presentation of the American flag aboard Pusher’s White Lily. Amy Black of Lexington, Ky., was the vocalist for the introduction.

            Three youngsters stomped through the puddles of water for the Stick Horse class. Austin Leaque, MaKenzie Cress and Alexis Young were all winners and received a prize.

            The first class for the three judge panel was the Juvenile Country Pleasure 17 and Under class. Katelyn Bennett claimed the first place prize aboard Delight’s Unlimited Pride for the Tim Bennett family of Union, Ky. The reserve win went to Ozone’s Final Edition and Jarrett Bradley of Glasgow, Ky.

            Courtney Luttrell and Gen U Wine JFK rode to the winner’s circle in the Three-Year-Old Amateur Mare and Gelding division. Darryl Oliver and I’m On My Own claimed the reserve tie for Dr. David Ranson of Charleston, W.Va.

            Next up was the Amateur Show Pleasure class. Sabrina Young and Ultra Prime Mover showed their moves to capture the top title. The reserve win went to Lindsey Oliver and Clutch’s Holiday.

            Seven entries made the gate call for the Kentucky Horse Council Open Trail Pleasure class. Glenda Kirkland and Genius Boy’s Nite Hawk claimed the first place tie. Crossfired and Gretta Potter of Winchester, Ky., rode to reserve honors.

            Secret’s Pushing Bo and Pete Long won the Three-Year-Old Amateur Walking Stallions division. Patty Reece collected the blue for Morna Conway of Shelbyville, Tenn., in the Three-Year-Old Plantation class aboard Honeygold’s Sweet Memory. The Rindstone Kowboy and Jeremy Archer rode to the red ribbon for John Meadows of Camden, Ohio.

            The Ladies Amateur Walking Canter 18 and Over title was won by Color Of Carbon and Michelle Lamb. Mandie Lancaster and Rain’s Nightstorm collected the second place ribbon. Duane Carney directed Mystic Mind’s Lady to the winner’s circle for Bill and Jeannette Wesley of Florence, Ky., in the KSOA Yearling class. The reserve win went to Denise Calhoun and Crimson Rain.      

            Cassie Napier and Skywalk’s Black Gen claimed top honors in the Four-Year-Old Amateur Specialty class. The second place tie went to Seez Who and Dalia Smith of Buzzard View Stables in Manchester, Ky.

            A large class of 14 entered the ring for the Amateur Country Pleasure Specialty class. Generating The Stars and Gretta Potter were the winners out of these talented horses. Lindsay Oliver and Olympic J captured the second place tie.             
            Robby Black came all the way from Shelbyville, Tenn., to capture three blues. One of these blues came in the Open Specialty division aboard Don’t Lookaway for Brian Jones of Walton, Ky.

            The Two-Year-Old Plantation class was won by Buddy Walters and Command’s Special Sun for Bob Stannard of Lebanon, Ky. Sport’s Pushy Lady and Tyler Oliver claimed the reserve tie for B-Sha Sebastian of Lancaster, Ky.

            Buddy Walters captured back-to-back blues on Risky Business By JFK in the Three and Under Park Performance class for Bob Stannard of Lebanon, Ky. The reserve win went to I’m Jack Benny and Gabe Owens of Danville, Ky.

            The rain had lightened up enough to remove the umbrellas by the time that the Juvenile 17 and Under class entered the ring. Dalia Smith claimed the blue aboard WC John FK’s Diamond Delight of Buzzard View Stables. Mandie Napier rode to the reserve win aboard Pushin Miss Genny.

            Up next was the Open Yearling class. Ella Kline and Gen’s Hometown walked their way to blue ribbon honors. Check Me I’m Blue and Jamie Lee Wickoff claimed the reserve honors for Eddie Ray Davis of Nicholasville, Ky.

            Lisa Evans claimed the blue for the second time this year aboard Showboat’s Heartstopper in the Two-Year-Old Amateur class. Kennan Reynolds claimed the second place tie for Pine Spring Stables of Bowling Green, Ky.

            Darryl Oliver won the Amateur 15.2 and Under class with Major Player under the direction of Bobby Clark of Shelbyville, Tenn. Susie Carter and Choice Cut Bandit were awarded the second place honors. Glenda Kirkland captured the Amateur Plantation Pleasure Specialty blue with Dancer’s Pushin Alannis. Design By Evil and Mike Widener claimed the reserve win.

            The KSOA Three-Year-Old division was won by Bob McQuerry aboard Talledega for John Gillespie of Wilmore, Ky. Duane Carney won the Amateur Plantation Pleasure class aboard Jose’s Cayenne Pepper for Bill Shannon of Xenia, Ohio. The second place tie went to Ultra Edge and Michelle Lamb of Dublin, Ohio.

            Jack Radar of Gassaway W.Va., rode to the blue in the Amateur Owned and Trained class with Hitt Happens. Joe Gill claimed the top prize in the Amateur Park Performance aboard Sparkling Reflection under the direction of McQuerry Stables of Harrodsburg, Ky. Jared Scott and Direct Effect claimed the reserve award for Judy Scott of Lawrenceburg, Ky. Tyler Oliver won the KSOA Two-Year-Old class aboard Paladin Sport for B-Sha Sebastian of Lancaster, Ky.

The final class for Friday night’s session was the Amateur Walking Stallions Specialty. The blue was captured by Lisa Evans and This JFK’s A Pushover under the direction of Sweet Revenge Stables in Mt. Sterling, Ky.



            Even though Saturday evening’s show started out very wet with the performance kicking off at 6 p.m., yet was still labeled a success.

            The first class of the night was the Lead Line class with four entries. Libby Rennar and Strolling With Pusher, Mackenzie Cress and Pusher’s Wendy Girl, Alexis Turner and Chester and Trevor Ellis and Doc were all proud blue ribbon winners.

            Paige Smith rode to the blue in the Plantation 17 and Under class aboard Jose’s Cayenne Pepper for Bill Shannon of Xenia, Ohio. Mike Widener was the reserve winner with Owl’s Night Vision for Buford Martin of Owenton, Ky.

            Five entries made the gate call for the Three-Year-Old Stallions division. Jimmy Evans rode to top honors aboard Score’s Olympic Deacon for Mike Conyers of Georgetown, Ky. Allen McQuerry claimed the reserve award with Shanghai Ritz.

            Robby Black captured another blue on his visit in Kentucky aboard One Of Those Things in the Park Performance division for Judy Shapiro of Ashfield, Mass. Kendall Hollen was second with The Lead Man for Catherine Hollen of Manchester, Ky.

            Taryn Harris of Morehead, Ky., won the KWHA Ladies Auxiliary class aboard Eb’s Night Storm under the direction of McQuerry Stables. Cassie Napier and High Headed Woman captured the red ribbon under the direction of J & H Stables

            Jimmy Evans rode to the winner’s circle for the second time on Saturday. This time the win came with A Black Eyed Susan in the Two-Year-Old Mare and Gelding class for Linda Sisk of Columbia, Tenn. Mike Oney captured the reserve win with Cash’s Pretty Please for Alvis and Tzareff of Clarkston, Mich.

            The next class to enter the ring was the KSOA Open. Joe Herald captured the blue aboard Martha’s Wicked Spirit for Mr. and Mrs. Paul Massie of Upton, Ky. The second place tie went to Bob McQuerry and Collateral Damage.

              Seven entries were called to the ring in the Two-Year-Old Stallions class. Carroll Doyle made an outstanding performance aboard Wasabi for Jim and Barbara Finch of Maysville, Ky. The reserve award went to Jimmy Evans and JFK’s Good Omen for Alvis Porter of Holden, W.Va. Cindy Gripshover claimed the blue in the Walking Seat Equitation class with Gen’s Raven Angel.

            It was smooth sailing for Shelby Sims as she rode to the winner’s circle to receive top honors in the 11 and Under class aboard Smooth Skies under the direction of her dad, Terry Sims, of Nicholasville, Ky. Rose Herchenroader also made a good show with Call Me Hytone to claim the reserve award under the direction of McQuerry Stables.

            Kenny Smith captured top honors in the Three-Year-Old Mares and Geldings class aboard Sky Bandit for Buzzard View Stables. Jessie Smith captured the second place award with Gen’s Lassie for Buford Martin of Owenton, Ky.

            He’s A Smooth Operator and Andy Davis were at the top of the judge’s cards and claimed the blue ribbon honors under the direction of Robby Black Stables of Shelbyville, Tenn. The reserve tie went to Mark’s Easy Ride and Pam Floyd.

            John Jackson and Extra Power claimed blue ribbon honors for Suzanne Tzareff of Clarkston, Mich., in the Four-Year-Old Plantation Specialty class. Donald Stamper was the champion in the Aged Walking Mare and Gelding class aboard Label’s Lucky Charm for Steve and Denise Calhoun of Waco, Ky. Bob McQuerry and Riding For The Prize claimed the second place tie.

            Next up was the Walking Pony class. Mandie Napier and Gen All The Way rode to the winner’s circle to capture blue ribbon honors under the direction of J & H Stables. Reserve honors were collected by Isabella Wiley and Pusher’s White Lily.

            Treva Vice was the blue ribbon winner in the Open Ladies Specialty aboard Perfect Pattern for Mark and Mona Vice of Carlisle, Ky. The 15.2 and Under Canter class was won by Terry Sims and Sweepaway for Presley Fletcher of Nicholasville, Ky. Jason Hughes captured the red ribbon aboard Spirit Of Mystery for Charles and Kaye Baxter of Stanford, Ky.

            Three stake divisions were honored at this show. The first one was the Plantation Pleasure Stake. John Jackson and Flashin Cash walked away with the honors for the Holmes family of Romulus, Mich. Reserve honors in the class were received by Boomerang’s Threat and Glenda Kirkland of Berea, Ky.

            Kenny Smith rode to the top prize in the Amateur Walking Stake aboard Mitch Miller of Buzzard View Stables. Dan Grigson called five top horses to the ring for the final class of the evening, the Walking Stake. The top of the judges’ cards was Jason Hughes and Poisonamania, who made a great show to collect the roses. The reserve honors went to Mike Oney and Johnny Orlando, who also made a good show for Linda Patton of Mt. Sterling, Ky.

            The KWRHTA would like to thank the three judges, Steve Woody, Bill Carmichael and L.M. Murphy for tying a good show and also awarding 13 unanimous victories. Once again, they would like to thank everyone for their support and send out their appreciation to the KWHA-HIO, the USDA and the trainers for helping them to have a successful show.

            Complete results will follow and may be viewed at