As everyone has heard by now, Tim Taylor survived the tragic accident that took the life of walking horse trainer Jeff Givens and three horses belonging to Jo Ann Dowell. The accident occurred on the way home from the Ohio Celebration. Taylor had to be mechanically removed from the crashed vehicle. He sustained fractures to both shoulders, a punctured lung and several broken ribs. After a short stay in a Cincinnati hospital, Taylor is back at home and recovering from his injuries.
Known by many as “Lightning”, Taylor worked for over 20 years for the Walt Bruner in Kentucky and has also worked for Charlie Green and other Shelbyville-area trainers before going to work for Jeff Givens in Murfreesboro. Not only an employee, Lightning was also a friend who accompanied Givens on many “road trips” and worked alongside him at out-of-town shows.
Givens’ longtime friend Newton Parks reported, “Although he is recovering nicely, it will be a slow recovery and some time before Lightning can work fulltime again.”
Get well cards and donations can be sent to Taylor in care of Harold Dean Givens, 1311 W. Northfield Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN 37129.