The recent decision regarding the TWHBEA pulling the National Futurity
from the  NHSC is , to say the least, a surprise to me.  With a
different HIO this could keep the show from being a qualifying event for
Celebration championships.  I always felt that being a qualifier for
Celebration championships  gives the futurity a great credibility and a
more meaningful show.

I understand that everyone doesn't use this breed for show, and that
they make a great trail horse.  But the show ground is where the largest
concentration of people see this outstanding breed of horse in all of
it's disciplines.

At a time when industry unity is so very important, I am puzzled at this
latest development.  Just as puzzling,  there is not a word about it
on the TWHBEA website.  The Breeders could have made an announcement

and stated specific reasons as to the decision and posted it under news
on their website as it certainly is news.

I commend the Trainers and the Walking Horse Owner's Association for
their hard work and staying with the NHSC.  The shows I have been to
this year are excellent and I have seen class after class of great image
horses in the show ring.   I see things as improving year to year, week
to week, show to show as I am sure many others do.

Thanks so much to the Trainer's Association, and the Walking Horse
Owners Association for having the vision and foresight to improve this
great breed that continues to be the world's greatest show horse.


As unfortunate as this is, I can not use the words vision or foresight
in the same sentence as the TWHBEA.

Tom Gould

Dallas, Tx