SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – Answering the requests of exhibitors and owners in the ever-growing Trail Pleasure Division at The Celebration, officials of the world championship show have made some changes that will bring the division in line with other divisions, beginning with the 2004 Celebration.

The Celebration randomly surveyed several of the top training facilities that provide the bulk of the entries in the Trail Pleasure Division. The result was a desire for classes to be spread more throughout the 11-day and night event and for prize money to be equal with other divisions.

“We are always looking for input from our customers,” said Celebration CEO Ron Thomas. “This is an impressive, very fast-growing area of our show and we are happy to meet the wants and needs of the exhibitors in this division.”

Two preliminary classes have been moved from daytime shows to the night performances. Amateur Western Trail Pleasure, Riders 18 and Over (Canter) has been moved to Monday night. Amateur English Trail Pleasure, Riders 18 and Over (Canter) has been moved to the Tuesday Night schedule.

Those two championships, previously held on Monday and Tuesday nights, have been moved to the final Thursday and Friday night of the show, two of the three traditional championship nights. The Amateur English Trail Pleasure World Grand Championship will be moved to the Thursday night lineup while the Amateur Western Trail Pleasure World Grand Championship will move to the Friday night docket.

Premiums and entry fees will also be moved in line with other divisions. Total prize money in preliminary classes will increase to $2,000 while total prize money in the championship classes will increase to $5,000.

To accommodate the increase in prize money, entry fees for Trail Pleasure classes will be the same as classes in other divisions; $106 for preliminary classes and $206 for championship classes.

“When this division began, most of the exhibitors wanted to concentrate their competition to just a few days,” said Thomas. “With the growth of the division, the dynamics have changed and the competition for championships is keener. These changes will allow the Trail Pleasure Division to compete on a level playing field with all other divisions at The Celebration.”

An updated schedule of classes is available at Comments and suggestions are always welcome on these and other Celebration issues.