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Dear Editor,

I have been directed by the WHTA Board of Directors to aggressively ask the TWHBEA Executive Board to continue the relationship between the Futurity and the Celebration, as to the continuance of it being a qualifying class and affiliated with the NHSC. This alliance has been in effect for 15 years and is important to trainers and owners alike, not only to be a qualifying class at the Celebration, but to have the prestige of being a National Futurity Champion and to have the eligibility to become a World Grand Champion. Continuing this relationship in the opinion of WHTA would better serve the Futurity participants than a stand-alone horse show. Included in future plans are an Equitation Challenge and World Versatility Show which we feel would be most effective by all parties participating. What we are asking the Executive Board to consider is delaying their HIO sanctioning plan and its programs until all parties including the WHTA, WHOA, TWHNC, the Society, KWHA-HIO and TWHBEA can meet and establish an effective plan for the future of our great horse.

The Walking Horse Trainers Association encourages all concerned individuals to please contact members of the TWHBEA Executive Board no later than Sunday, July 2, 2006 to express the need for this long standing tradition to continue.


David Landrum


Walking Horse Trainers Association