The Walking Horse Trainers' Association today provided the Walking Horse Report with a list of the trainers who signed up by the deadline for the 2005 Riders Cup Program. The committee from the WHTA and The Report who set up the program had hoped to attract 50 trainers and have almost doubled that number with 90 participants.

Trainers had until the end of the Trainers' Show last weekend to fill out the necessary paperwork and pay the required fee. With this list finalized, The Report can now calculate the point standings and begin publishing this information in the Walking Horse Report, the official publication of the WHTA.

In another strong statement of support for this program, almost 50 shows have signed up for the Riders Cup with two applications received today. Committee members had hoped to attract 50 shows all season and have already reached this goal.

Further information about this program can be obtained from the Trainers' Association or the Report office.