Tuesday morning would be the longest class schedule of the Celebration, with the exception of Friday night, which featured three of Thursday night’s classes that had been postponed. Twelve classes were on tap for the final morning performance. Action began at 10 a.m. and lasted until 3 p.m.

A group of 25 filed into the ring first, all vying for blue ribbon honors in the Model Plantation Pleasure Stallions or Geldings class. Judges Johnson, Hamilton, and Irby had the distinction of marking the cards in this class.

In model classes, horses are judged on their conformation - “how they look; how they’re put together,” explained Announcer Cliff Gillespie.

The judges decided Mr. Threat’s Shaker, shown by Bill Reed for Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Driver, was the one put together the best. Beam’s Dominator was Reserve with Julie Young for Mueller and Young. Third tie and the yellow went to Postmark Delight, handled by Sash Tefft for Kathy and John Anderson.

Of the 18 listed in the program for the Plantation Pleasure Mares Class for riders over 18, 11 answered the gate call. Judges Irby, Johnson and Carpenter were selected to officiate as call judge, second judge and third judge, respectively.

Russ Thompson Stable picked up its 14th blue when two-time World Grand Champion Generator’s Elegance received all three judges’ votes for the first place tie. Danny Wooten was in the saddle for Carol Pitzer.

Reserve went to Generator’s Amazing Grace and Michael Vavrinec, riding for himself and The Miracle Ranch. Congressional Threat and Roger Ivins were third for the Tenini family, Moon Walkers.

The gate closed for the Plantation Pleasure Two-Year-Olds, Division A, after 20 entries had come into the ring.

The spin of the wheel and draw of the colors put Judge Johnson as call judge, Judge Carpenter as second judge and Judge Hamilton as third judge.

Final Chapter had the last word in blue ribbon rides in this class. Ralph Lakes rode this entry for Central Georgia Equine Services Inc. Flaming Finale and owner Patty Reese were reserve, while Tango and Cash was third with Ryan Vanatta up for Baker and Sims.

Of the 27 entered for B Division Two-Year-Old Plantation Pleasure Horses, 20 elected to show before Call Judge Irby, Second Judge Carpenter and Third Judge Hamilton.

For the second time of the morning, Danny Wooten teamed an entry to a unanimous blue ribbon tie. My Lady Darling was the winner for Granite Peak Ranch.

Delight Of Cotton and Jennifer Hankins earned the Reserve and the red for Austin and Linda Eckert. A Sudden Rush Of Genius and Ralph Lakes brought in the yellow for Ann Smart.

Park Pleasure Horses with Amateur Riders listed 19 entries in the program. In reality, 15 took the ring. Judging duties rested with Call Judge Irby, Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Howell.

At over 15 years of age, Shaker’s Bogey has been winning blue ribbons for a long time. Bogey, a Classic Horse, won another one Tuesday morning with Marie Archembault up for Bell Arch Farm.

Reserve went to My Senator’s Pride and Jennifer Roberts for Steve and Jennifer Roberts. Third place and Generator’s Showbiz and Becky Woodward for Dr. John J. Shane.

Fourteen of the 22 listed in the program made up the Plantation Pleasure Mares or Geldings, Amateur Lady Riders class.

Judges Hamilton, Howell and Carpenter held the fate of these entries in their hands, as they marked the cards.

It was time to celebrate when Pdeeler’s Party Time was announced to the blue. Patti Pollack Diamond showed for Silver Spur Ranch and took another blue back to the Golden State.

The Pharmacist had the right prescription for a top ribbon and exited the ring with the red ribbon. Owner Kathy Wallace was the jockey. Third belonged to Etched In Gold with Connie Fenner up for connie and Craig Fenner.

Class 68, Plantation Pleasure Three and Four-Year-Olds, Lite-Shod Specialty saw 15 enter the ring. Judge Howell set the pace as call judge. Second Judge Irby and Third Judge Johnson also marked the cards.

Genius Fashion Show had a good show to earn the blue with Adrian Rehkemper up for Dr. Judy Moore Foust. Current Shock was the red ribbon recipient with Paul Lenhart in the saddle for Mr. and Mrs. William Livingston. The third place tie went to Gold Strikes Shadow and John Feltner Sr. for John and Tita Feltner.

With 18 listed in the program for the Plantation Pleasure Driving Lite-Shod, 2 or 4-Wheel Vehicle Class, it almost was a given that the class would be large. It was. Fourteen came to compete for the votes of Call Judge Johnson, Second Judge Carpenter and Third Judge Howell.

Thunder’s Lavish Lady was the blue ribbon choice in this class with her owner Karen Giambi, whip. Heapin Spoonful brought home the red ribbon to Windward Manor Farm with Wallace Brandon. Third went to Stormy’s Shakedown and Lonnie Kuehn for diamond D Ranch.

Equitation is an exacting division in which the rider is the one being judged on total image and riding skill. Seat, posture, correct use of hands, legs and feet, as well as attire, all contribute to the end result.

Preliminaries for the Auxiliary Equitation Medal Finals were held before Judge Diane Gueck on Saturday morning. Twelve came back for the Finals. Leslie Perry presented the most complete picture of what an equitation ride should be and won the medal to prove it. Reserve was Kacey Conley, while Jennifer Pendleton had a good ride for third.

The three-judge MOS system took over again as Plantation Pleasure Mares or Geldings. Lite-Shod, Amateur Lady Riders came through the in gate. Call Judge Hamilton, Second Judge Irby and Third Judge Carpenter were chosen to officiate the 22-horse class.

This large field required the only workout of the show, and 13 were sent back to the rail. For the second time in three classes, Thunders Lavish Lady and owner Karen Giambi were called to pick up the top award.

Reserve went to another nice entry, Parade’s Legacy, with Tami Naugle up for Chevalle Ranch and Francie Sooy. Ferrari and Kathie Anderson were third for Kathie and John Anderson. Fifteen Plantation Pleasure Horses with Gentlemen Riders, answered the next gate call. Judge Irby set the pace as call judge. Also marking the cards were Judges Carpenter and Howell, second and third judge, respectively.

Generator’s Ice Lady iced the first place tie by collecting all three judges’ votes. Robbie Grantham rode for Ralph and Pat Winkler, and another ribbon headed west to California. Reserve belonged to Howdy Do and owner Don Hancock, while Black Generator and Wallace Brandon were third for Hickory Hill Farm.

Nineteen Amateur Owned/Trained entries ended the morning class schedule of the 1992 Celebration. Judge Hamilton, Howell and Johnson marked the cards. An already lengthy session was made even more so by two time outs and one spill. Fortunately, the rider was unharmed. First place went to Jeff Sanderson with Dark Spirit’s Bay Boy. Reserve belonged to People’s Defense and owner, Jackee Lowe, while Eb’s Spanish Angel and owner Jerry L. Fisher were third.

Tuesday Night
The Celebration is more than half over, and what may stand out about Tuesday 1992 is the number of timeouts, both during the day and night classes, that made for long sessions. In between timeouts Tuesday night, however, there was a horse show which provided some memorable wins for several contenders.

During the course of the four and a half hour session, two challenge trophies were retired, and two unanimous ties awarded, not to mention the 10 blue ribbons.

What a group it was that entered the first class on the Tuesday night schedule. Thirty-two Owner-Amateur Riders on Two-Year-Old Mares or Geldings came into the ring - this was just for Division A of the class. If they had not split it, there would have been the potential for a 105-entry class. That’s how many were listed in the program for both divisions.

Having the awesome task of selecting the 10 best from this class were Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Johnson. To give every contender the chance he or she deserved, the judges cut the field to 13 for a closer look.

Command My Heart took command of the field and won the blue with Robin Edwards up for Robert Wallace. Reserve went to Sweet Victory and Dixie Parnell for Parnell and McConnell. The judges reached in their pockets and found Beam’s Loose Change for the yellow. Gary Bowman rode this entry for Bowman, Bernard and Smith.

Another 32 entered the ring for Division B of the Owner-Amateur Riders on Two-Year-Old Mares or Geldings. Even without Announcer Bobby Sands telling the entries to spread out as best they could, it was obvious this would be a split class, as well.

This class’ judging responsibilities fell to Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Howell, who pruned the group to 13, which they sent back to the rail.

Pretty Please and Ellen Sale made a pretty victory pass with a unanimous decision in this class. Ellen and her husband, Steve, own the entry. Reserve belonged to Lady Candidate and owner Anke Longest. Jill Derickson gave a good ride for third with Heatwave’s Jewel to claim the yellow for Dr. and Mrs. John C. Brundige.

Call Judge Howell, Second Judge Irby and Third Judge Johnson officiated the Four-Year-Old Mares Class, which had 15 entries of the 23 listed in the program.

There was no denying the blue ribbon winner with a name like You’re The One. David Landrum trains this entry for Mr. and Mrs. Gene Carbine. Reserve tie and the red went to Wild At Heart and Hulon Humphrey, showing for owners Dr. and Mrs. Marcus Whitman Jr.

In for third were Pushing Up Daisies and Jimmy McConnell for Thornridge Farm.

Judges Hamilton, Carpenter and Howell drew the judging duties in the Owner-Amateur Riders on Stallions, 15.2 and Under class. Twenty-one of the 50 in the program came through the gate. This class also required a 13-horse workout before the judges made their final decision.

It was a momentous win for Olympic Generator and Sheri Gamble, who not only earned all three judges’ votes, but also retired the Harrell E. Brawner - Big Valley Trailers Challenge Trophy. They won this class in 1991, as well. Gamble Farms owns the entry.

Reserve was Good Advice and Dru Magee for Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Bailey, while All American Pride and Alicia Blackmon were third for Alicia and Bryan Blackmon.

Nine Plantation Pleasure Mares or Geldings, with riders 17 years of age and younger, came in to vie for the blue awarded by Call Judge Howell, Second Judge Irby and Third Judge Hamilton.

When the numbers were tabulated, the blue was rewarded to Generatin Gold and Meredith Cato, owned by Dennis and Lori Demetre.

Reserve and the red went to Last Delight’s G Man with Tim Wheelon for Don & Linda Hafley, while Jen’s Bay Lad and Jennifer Chaffin were third for the Ralph Chaffin family.

Judges Howell, Irby and Hamilton officiated the next class, the Owner-Amateur Riders on Mares, 15.2 and Under. For the second time during the evening, a challenge trophy was retired when Mark’s Ms. Senator was named to the blue in a repeat tie of 1991. This Moore Brothers and McDonald entry was ridden by Tim Moore.

Reserve and the red went to Mark’s Bobbie Sue and owner Mary Louise LeBlanc, while Mark’s Impressive and Opal Lee were third for Bill and Opal Lee.

When all the Owner-Amateur Riders on Geldings, 15.2 and Under were in the ring, there were 22 bobbing heads going around working for Call Judge Johnson, Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Howell.

Fourteen entries returned to the rail for more work. When the final decision was in, the blue went home with Outworlder, ridden by Jan Small for Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Small. Jubilee’s Thunder rolled into the Reserve spot with Darlene Polk up for Williams and Polk. Third place and the yellow ribbon belonged to Delight Of Johnny and Nancy Fowler Evans for A.B.C. Mart. Of the 26 Geldings Over 15.2 that worked for Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Howell, 15 went back to the rail for additional work.

Pusher’s Royal Pride received a heartfelt ovation and the blue ribbon in this class with Carroll Doyle up for Huffman and Ward. Reserve went to Chill Factor and Hulon Humphrey for Dr. and Mrs. Marcus Whitman Jr. Royal Enchanter and Wink Groover were third for John and Jo Eldridge.

Judges Hamilton, Johnson and Carpenter were call judge, second judge and third judge, respectively. For Division A of the Owner-Amateur Riders on Three-Year-Old Stallion Class.

Twenty-seven of the 40 listed in the program came into the ring and performance a complete workout and lineup before the judges chose 15 to work for closer inspection and the 10 ribbons.

Giving a blue ribbon show for the top ribbon was Becky Coleman aboard Master Of The House. This entry is owned by Dr. and Mrs. Michael Coleman. Reserve went to What A Sunrise, and Steve Wilson for the Steve Wilson family. Royal Act and Jennifer Dunn were third for Meadow Brook Inc.

Division B, the final class of the evening began working shortly after 11 p.m. with 24 of the 38 listed in the program showing before Call Judge Hamilton, Second Judge Howell and Third Judge Johnson.

Fourteen returned for additional work. Emerging from the field with the blue were Generator’s Moonshine and Donna Everett, riding for Mr. and Mrs. P.B. Russell. Reserve went to Ultra’s Black Tie and Bob Hunnicutt for J & B Marketing, while Hard Cold Cash and Kelly Sherman were third for Backward S Ranch.