Copyright WHR 2007 Jerrold Pedigo, speaking on behalf of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of TWHBEA, today announced the appointment of its Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. “After an extended and intense selection process, I am pleased to announce the unanimous decision of the Executive Committee to select Charles R. Cadle for the position. Chuck is precisely the right leader for TWHBEA,” said Pedigo. “In his role, he will be responsible for the overall strategic direction and management of TWHBEA, increasing the positive perception of the special and unique attributes of the Tennessee Walking Horse, expanding our membership in US and international markets, executing strategic transactions, improving member communications, and furthering TWHBEA’s working relationship with the USDA and other industry associations.” "Chuck was selected because of his proven ability to lead top performing teams, his global business development experience, his education and training background, and his track record of using technology to improve communications and business processes. These skills were demonstrated in every position he has held. As we got to know Chuck, we were impressed by his emphasis on developing internal talent while reaching outside for special skills and by his understanding of the role of culture in a company's success. He has won the respect of former employees, customers and investors," Pedigo added. Jim Harlan, President of MJM Global Search, said, “The search and candidate selection process was thorough and exhaustive to include a background check. We preferred someone from outside of the horse industry that could bring a fresh perspective and insight to the association. We also looked for strong technology skills, exceptional accounting and treasury skills, educational program expertise, strong personal values, proven entrepreneurial abilities, and a track record of leading complex organizations. Cadle met all of these selection criteria.” Cadle commented: “I am honored to assume leadership of TWHBEA at such a key turning point and to partner with TWHBEA’s staff and board of directors to accomplish such a worthwhile strategic vision. The opportunity to work with the various industry associations, the government, and our supportive membership to realize a vision for the positive expansion of this industry is truly exciting. Together we can achieve this vision. We need to understand and proactively address different points of view. It will take everyone’s commitment to work together to establish clear rules and guidelines that promote and protect the Tennessee Walking Horse. Change is never easy if it potentially affects a person’s livelihood and control; however, I firmly believe that through education and training, a commitment to a fair and level playing field, and through growth within our industry, we all will benefit.” Prior to joining TWHBEA, Cadle was Managing Partner for Enterprise Resource & Capital, an executive outsourcing firm focusing on the education industry. Prior to this, he served as the CEO of a global data services provider and as Founder and CEO of UtiliCom Networks (a combined CATV, telecom and data services firm that was recently sold for in excess of $100 million). Cadle also has held executive positions in the quarter horse industry, publishing, and banking. Cadle is currently licensed as a Certified Public Accountant and as an educational leader and business teacher. He holds a Masters in Educational Leadership and a BBA with a double major in accounting and finance, both from Augusta State University. He is an active member of the Healing Arts Council at the Medical College of Georgia, a member of the Graduate Council for Augusta State University, and a member of the AICPA.

A native of Augusta, Georgia, Cadle is married and has three children. He and his wife, Elaine, enjoy trail riding and attending shows.