In the coming days, you will most likely see the publication of results of a post card mailer that was previously sent with the TWHBEA logo, which was not authorized by the Executive Committee nor is it a work product of TWHBEA.  As the September 26, 2013 statement made by prior TWHBEA President Loyd ‘Buster’ Black stated, this mailer “was not sent out by TWHBEA or paid for by TWHBEA. In fact, TWHBEA makes no request or requirement that you answer this mailer or do anything whatsoever with the mailer, and you can certainly throw it away if you want”. 

 TWHBEA is currently investigating the legal issues of whether there has been unauthorized use of our TWHBEA logo and whether there has been improper use of a corporate office.  This matter has been turned over to the TWHBEA Enforcement Committee for investigation, with a report to be returned to the Executive Committee. 

 Many of our members have reported irregularities with the mailing such as a lack of receipt of this post card mailer.  Many members, knowing that this was not an official TWHBEA request simply discarded the mailer. 

 TWHBEA has no assurance that everyone eligible to receive the post card mailer in fact received one, or that only those that were entitled to receive the mailer in fact received one. TWHBEA had no control over the distribution of it or the counting of it.

 The bill proposed by Representatives Cohen and Whitfield has many parts, and we feel that an adequate survey would have addressed the individual components of the bill, giving our members an opportunity to express their true feelings on the various aspects of the proposed legislation.

 In addition, since the names of each voting member were included on the mailer, this poll violates TWHBEA’s long-standing tradition of secret ballot to ensure the privacy protection of our members.

 For those reasons, TWHBEA does not feel that the results of this mailer fully and accurately represent the views of all our members. Please be aware that any publication of the results is not a TWHBEA product.