The grievance, Nancy R. Burke and William B. Burke vs. Udella Blackburn, David Cook, Jr., David Cook, Sr., and Cook Stables, was heard recently before the enforcement committee of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA). Based on its recommendation, the grievance against Udella Blackburn, David Cook, Jr., and Cook Stables was dismissed for lack of any proof against them. However, the following sanctions were imposed against David Cook, Sr.:

* Cook is suspended and/or barred from membership in TWHBEA for a two-year period beginning May 15, 2003, and ending May 14, 2005.

* Cook will pay TWHBEA the sum of $3,000, which approximately covers the expenses incurred by TWHBEA as a result of Cook’s actions.

* The horse in question can continue to be registered under the name of “The Gamblin Man.”

* This agreement does not constitute an admission of guilt on the part of Cook.