LEWISBURG, Tenn. – Horse Industry Organizations (HIOs) other than the National Horse Show Commission (NHSC) may now have their show results recognized by the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) for a maximum fee of $75 per show.

TWHBEA will continue to charge $2 per entry to input the show results of non-NHSC affiliated events, but have capped the fee at $75 per show. In order to ensure the results are recognized by TWHBEA, they must be accurate upon submission. This new policy will become effective March 1, 2003, and may be revisited within 12 months. Show results from events sanctioned by the NHSC will continue to be inputted by TWHBEA at no charge.

This action was the major item of business discussed by the TWHBEA Executive Committee at its meeting on February 24, 2003.

In other action, the executive committee approved a motion that requires TWHBEA staff to supply printed material that reflects all segments and disciplines of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed to every function in which TWHBEA provides promotional literature. In addition, staff will now attempt to secure both flat-shod and performance horses at every breed demonstration in which TWHBEA participates. Exceptions will be made for those areas where the performance horse is illegal (Canada and Europe).

TWHBEA Executive Director Charles Hulsey reported on the registry numbers through January. Compared to last year, first-time foal registrations are up 221, resulting in an increase in revenue of $1,849. Transfers have increased 372 for an increase in revenue of $11,740. Memberships (new and renewals) are down 406, resulting in a decrease in revenue of $23,250.

Mr. Hulsey recommended a new membership drive that will target former members of the Association. Those individuals whose memberships have expired within the last two years will be sent a letter and a membership application that will allow them to rejoin the Association and receive a free gift – either an informational video or a t-shirt.

Continuing his report, Mr. Hulsey announced that recent plans to produce a video on the TWHBEA Academy Program have been scrapped, and a Power Point presentation will be developed instead. He said this decision would save the Association about $9,000. Prior to the standing committee reports, select TWHBEA staff members were asked to update the executive committee on their job duties and current projects. Those making presentations were Pleasure Horse/Versatility Coordinator Sis Osborne, Horse Show Support and Development Coordinator Jeff Morgan, Performance Show Horse/Youth Coordinator Joni Jenné and Marketing Coordinator Jan Keyser.

During the standing committee reports, Charles Wharton, vice president of the administrative/fiscal/audit division, said the Association’s preliminary financial statement for December shows revenue of $338,500 and expenses of $407,000, resulting in a loss of $68,500 for the month.

Mr. Wharton reported that he had recently met with members of the executive committee and staff to discuss creating an amnesty period for skipped transfers and registrations. Sharon Brandon reported that in 1990, TWHBEA allowed “make-up” transfers to take place during a six-month period. Mr. Wharton said he would recommend a proposal a next month’s executive committee meeting. TWHBEA President Robert Thomas requested that input also be sought from Breeders’ Division Vice President Nancy Lynn Beech.

During her report, Nancy Lynn Beech added Karyl Dunaway to her breeders’ committee. Bill Stricklend, vice president of the horse show division, removed Debbie Birk from his committee and added Karyl Dunaway, each at their request. He said his committee is set to proceed with its idea of conducting “workshops” for the regional futurities and versatility shows. The goal of the workshops is to better understand the various needs of the regional system participants. He said he also plans to investigate the possibility of linking the regional futurities to the TWHBEA National Futurity.

The executive committee approved Mr. Stricklend’s motion to again furnish ribbons and trophies for the TWHBEA regional events at a cost of approximately $8,000.

Nicole Carswell, vice president of the owners/exhibitors division, received permission to add Debbie Birk and Karyl Dunaway to her committee. She announced that TWHBEA Official Clinician Bobby Richards had completed clinics in Maryland and South Carolina, and was scheduled to present clinics in California, Indiana, Illinois, Alberta, Texas, Ontario, the Netherlands, Oregon, Tennessee and Germany.

Mrs. Carswell presented an idea to provide educational opportunities during the TWHBEA Annual Convention in December. Her idea is to schedule seminars and speakers on a variety of topics. The seminars would be geared toward the professional horsemen as well as the general enthusiast, both youth and adult. The executive committee supported this idea and Mrs. Carswell was urged to pursue it further.

Spencer Benedict, vice president of the performance show horse division, appointed a TWHBEA Academy Sub-Committee consisting of Jane Meredith, Leigh Bennett, Nicole Carswell, Liz Hestle, Regan Mercer, Faye Lynn Coffee, Rollie Beard, Leslie Derrickson, Wayne Dean, Ricky Womack, Lynn Womack and Spencer Benedict.

Ann Kuykendall, vice president of the pleasure horse committee, added Linda Starnes to her committee and said the 2003 TWHBEA Versatility Handbook should be available in about two weeks.

Larry Lowman received approval to change the name of his sales and promotion division. Mr. Lowman will now be vice president of marketing. The titles and duties of all marketing department employees will not change.

During his report, Mr. Lowman said he recently toured the Nashville Super Speedway where the Tennessee Walking Horse has been asked to take part in the pre-race festivities at its four major races this season. He said his Bridlewood Farm has been included in the new Rand McNally Atlas and is the only Tennessee attraction listed. And lastly, Mr. Lowman said he continues to work with artist Sherrill Brooke on a Tennessee Walking Horse portrait that will eventually be sold as prints through the TWHBEA Gift Shop.

Mr. Lowman also introduced his plan for the construction of a new in-house TWHBEA Gift Shop. He showed an architectural rendering and asked the executive committee to authorize his committee to pursue the idea further.

David Landrum, training division vice president, said he recently served as guest speaker at the Mississippi Walking Horse Association Awards Banquet. He also took the opportunity to appoint his training committee, which includes Jeff Givens, Nicole Carswell, Steve Aymett, Rick Wies, Russ Thompson and Joe Martin.

Sid Baucom, member at large-bylaws, said the minutes of the previous month’s meeting had been reviewed and were found to be consistent with the bylaws.

Paula Andrews, member at large-youth, added Cathy Simpson and Debbie Birk to her committee. She reported on TWHBEA’s recent participation in the American Youth Horse Council’s National Symposium in St. Louis. She said the Tennessee Walking Horse was well represented at the event. Mrs. Andrews also said the new youth handbooks would be available soon.

And, rounding out the day’s action, Spencer Benedict, Nicole Carswell and Jane Meredith were appointed to the NHSC Performance Horse Rules Sub-Committee. The alternates are Mandy Dawn, Dee Dee Sale and Anke Longest. Appointed to the NHSC Pleasure Horse Rules Sub-Committee were Ann Kuykendall, Marietta Gambrell and Sherrie Szucs. The alternates will be Paula Andrews, Sid Baucom and Edie Whittenmyer.

The TWHBEA Executive Committee will meet again on March 24, 2003.