The 2014-2015 Nominating Committee presented their Slate of Officers for 2015 to the Association today.  They are as follows: 

2015 Executive Committee: 

President - Mr. Stephen B. Smith (TN)

Senior Vice President - Mr. Charles Gleghorn (TN)

Secretary - Ms. Loren Sanderson

VP Administrative/Fiscal/Audit - Ms. Nancy Lynn Greene (TN)

VP of Breeders Division - Mr. David Williams (TN)

VP of Enforcement/Bylaws - Mr. Jeff Smith (SC)

VP of Equine Welfare/Training - Mr. Larry Lowman (TN)

VP of Marketing - Ms. Ashley Wadsworth (MS)

VP of Owners/Exhibitors/Int'l - Mr. Bradley Woodruff (IL)

VP of Performance Horse - Mr. Everett (Butch) Allen (TX)

VP of Pleasure Horse - Ms. Margo Urad (TX)

VP of Youth - Ms. Ginger Evans (AL)

The elections will take place at the Annual International Board or Directors’ meeting held here at the headquarters in Lewisburg on Saturday, December 6, 2014.  We hope to see you then.