Copyright WHR 2007

By Christy Howard Parsons

     The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association has told The Report that it determined it was best to sign the 2007-2009 Operating Plan in order to be a part of the process to make changes to the plan regarding the penalties that were enhanced by the elimination of the probationary period.

Jerrold Pedigo gave this comment.

“The HIO Committee members executed the 2007-2009 Operating Plan, and as signatories immediately requested an amendment to the Operating Plan in regard to enhanced penalties. The USDA released the Operating Plan on Tuesday, February 13 and provided only a narrow window of three days between that release and Thursday, February 15 when the Operating Plan became final. There was simply insufficient time to negotiate any amendment,” said Pedigo.

“However, the Operating Plan provides that signatories, in conjunction with the USDA, may amend the Operating Plan at any time. The HIO Committee determined that to execute the Operating Plan and attempt to amend it as signatories provided the best opportunity to effectuate a meaningful change without creating the public appearance of rejecting or resisting tougher penalties,” explained Pedigo.

It is The Report's understanding that any active HIO, whether they sign the plan or not, can participate in the amendment process.