(Copyright 2006 WHR) The Walking Horse Report has received no further information about yesterday's TWHBEA executive committee meeting despite calls to Charles Hulsey, Craig Evans, and Jerrold Pedigo. The meeting yesterday was called primarily to discuss the Breeders' possible future participation in the National Horse Show Commission.

The TWHBEA did release a statement on their website Monday during the meeting that was ambiguous at best and confusing at worst. The Report reads the statement to mean that the TWHBEA is maintaining the same position as before and not joining the NHSC.

Their statement about waiving conflicts of interest for TWHBEA Board and executive committee members was reportedly done in order to allow Executive Committee member Jamie Hankins and others to judge or be a DQP at NHSC shows in 2006.

President Jerrold Pedigo did return The Report's call this morning and asked to call back later since his child was put in the hospital and he had been there all night. It should also be noted that when an executive committee member brought up executive session, Pedigo stated that he had no problem with keeping the meeting open but the motion by Edie Wittenmyer and seconded by Jamie Hankins passed, although we are told not unanimously, and The Report was excused.