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By Christy Howard Parsons

Reading between the lines of the TWHBEA news release, you might assume a few people who are still at TWHBEA were released last week in the massive restructuring that included several key terminations. Nancy Lynn Greene, Lisa King, Christie Stephens, and Chuck Cadle are all continuing at their posts at TWHBEA in their current roles. Because their roles weren’t impacted by the restructuring in a significant way, they weren’t mentioned in the news release.

While we haven’t been provided any “official” information about who was terminated, the Report has learned that Stan Butt, Editor of the Voice magazine, and Michael Cook, the information technology coordinator were both terminated. Apparently there are a few others in accounts receivable and in the registry area who have not been identified.

Look for TWHBEA to continue its restructuring of its operations in an effort to meet the demands of a much decreased budget due to a significant downward swing in revenue in 2007 and projected for 2008.