The judging panel of Rollie Beard, Derek Bonner, Jamie Bradshaw, Allen Forman and Leigh Stuart tied 63 winners (32%) unanimously at the 75th Celebration.  That compares to 59 unanimous ties by the judging panel in 2012.  The panel also tied 52 classes with four of the five judges agreeing on the winner.  Fifty-nine percent of the classes had at least four of the five judges agreeing on the first place entry.  Two classes were won with only one first place tie.

All five of the judges had at least a 71% success rate of the eventual class winner being the first number on their respective card in the 194 class schedule.  The breakdown by judge was:
Derek Bonner - 157 times or 81%
Leigh Stuart - 149 times or 77%
Jamie Bradshaw - 147 times or 76%
Rollie Beard - 139 times or 72%
Allen Forman - 138 times or 71%