Everyone within the horse industry knows what it means when a horse and rider are called out of the line up as the “unanimous champions.” Indicative of an across-the-board first place win, a unanimous winner has received the winning nod of not just one judge, but the entire three- or perhaps even five-judge panel.

It is quite a feat to be a unanimous champion and for this reason, the Tunica Fall Classic will be unveiling a special way to recognize these champions.

“A new ‘unanimous champion breast ribbon’ will be presented to each horse achieving an across the
board judges choice at the 2019 Tunica Fall Classic Horse Show,” said Celebration CEO Mike Inman, who oversees the Tunica show. “This award is the first of its type, not only for unanimous winners at Tunica, but at any walking horse show,”

Inman said the breast ribbon will accompany the Bridle Blue Ribbon, the Tunica Fall Classic neck medallion and
beautiful Arthur Court class champion trophy.  

“All this adds to the prestige of earning a Tunica Fall Classic title,” Inman said.

The Tunica Fall Classic takes place Oc. 31 to Nov. 2 in Tunica, Mississippi and will be judged by Mike Hilley, David Landrum and Leigh Stuart. A full class schedule can be seen here