PRESS RELEASE-Update on Condition of Pusher’s Black Hawk

The Summit Stallions at Sand Creek would like to update the public on the condition of Pusher’s Black Hawk. Pusher’s Black Hawk has been previously diagnosed with aggressive testicular degeneration. He has been examined by Dr. John Bennett as well as vets at Rood and Riddle in Lexington, KY. Due to the seriousness of this condition, the owners and staff of The Summit Stallions wish to exhaust all avenues of treatment for the well being of this outstanding horse. Pusher’s Black Hawk will be seen next week by Dr. Steiner at Hagyard, Davidson & McGee in Lexington, KY.

The owners and staff at The Summit Stallions are all very concerned for Pusher’s Black Hawk and his condition. It is not known at this time what has caused this condition or what steps are necessary to prevent further degeneration. The main concern is for the health and welfare of this animal. Further updates on the condition of Pusher’s Black Hawk will be available at a later date.

For people who currently hold Breeding Certificates to Pusher’s Black Hawk, The Summit Stallions and its owners are offering the opportunity to use those Certificates and breed to their newest stallion, Ted Williams. The Certificates allow a breeder to breed two mares in 2005 and 2 mares in 2006. If you currently hold one of these certificates, and have not spoken with a representative of The Summit Stallions, please contact Jada Callaway at 931-680-4889. For people who do not currently hold a breeding certificate, you may also contact Jada for information on obtaining one of the certificates to Ted Williams if any become available.

The Summit Stallions and its owners would like to extend appreciation to the people who have shown such concern for Pusher’s Black Hawk and his health. It has meant so much to us that others admire and care for this horse as much as we do. Thank you.