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The USDA is hoping to begin their blood testing initiative in their 2012 fiscal year.  It will be a pilot program with no cost to exhibitors and will be testing for drugs which have a potential for soring.  USDA would not specify the drugs they will be testing for nor who will determine which drugs to screen for. 
The program will be conducted on a random basis and there will be no penalties as long as it is a pilot program.  There will be baselines established but they will not be released.  The samples of blood or urine will be taken by Veterinarian Medical Officers who are USEF certified and the chain of custody will be according to USEF and FEI standards.
Implementation and the procedures for conducting the testing will be posted on the USDA website and test results will be available in 15 days.  The test results will be released on a random basis as long as it is a pilot program.