Registered users accessed the Walking Horse Report Online 21,904 times during the week April 23-29 and spent an average of over 6  minutes on each visit.  The busiest day was Wednesday with 3,576 users visiting the site while Saturday was the slowest with 2,723 users logging into The Report.

       The busiest time of day was between the hours of 7:00 and 10:00 PM but the site is accessed 24 hours a day.  

     Tthe Report has the largest number of registered users with over 13,000 horse lovers registered.  To keep the list up to date, The Report deletes non-users periodically during the year.    More and more users are accessing the site to research the show records of horses, owners and trainers while the discussion boards become more active daily.

     Thank you for your continued support of Walking Horse Report Online!