SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. -- The Department of Animal Science from the
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Alltech, Inc., held a luncheon
Tuesday, Nov. 15 at the Hall of Fame Club on the Celebration grounds to
discuss UT's Extension program. Dr. Frederick Harper, Dr. Alan Mathew,
department head, Dr. Cheryl Kojima, Dr. Doyle Meadows, Dr. Neal Schrick and Mr. Paul Roberson were the key speakers.
    The Animal Science department at the university has been doing research in the areas of animal physiology, reproduction, nutrition and  genetics. The UT College of Veterinary Medicine facilitates collaborations that add clinical and health care aspects to their research.
    Many breeding facilities such as Summit Stallions, Bridlewood Farms,
Fantasy Farms and Womack Stables, Saddlecrest Farms and Brookhaven Farms
attended the meeting and have been participants in the studies.
    At this point the program is still gathering data such as gait quality, conformation quality, sire semen quality, dam conception rate and abortion rate. They hope to have their data online in the near future.
    For more information log onto the Departments web site at: