The Veterinary Advisory Committee, consisting of Dr. Jerry Johnson, Dr. Phil Hammock and Dr. Robert Hunt, has released a new blood testing protocol for the competitive Tennessee Walking Horse.  The VAC applied for a Horse Industry Organization named the Walking Horse Equestrian Federation with the United States Department of Agriculture in February 2015.  The VAC is working with the USDA on certification of the new HIO currently.

As part of the WHEF HIO, if certified, the new blood testing protocol would be initiated across all shows affiliating with the WHEF HIO.  Funding would come primarily through inspection fees.  The VAC is committed to developing objective, science-based inspection protocols that eliminate the uncertainty of pre-show inspection and insure the welfare of the horse.  The blood protocol would be just one of several objective, science-based inspection protocols.

The Celebration implemented the VAC’s recommendations at last year’s horse show and is reviewing the current options for 2015 with an announcement to come soon. To view the VAC recommendations and protocols click here.