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Versatility Sweepstakes At The 2009 World Versatility Show

All New! Versatility Sweepstakes At The 2009 World Versatility Show

Lewisburg, TN – Plans are moving right along for the new Versatility Sweepstakes classes at the 2009 World Versatility Show, which will be held July 25 & 26 at Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. These classes will include Basic Reining, Dressage Intro – No Canter, Trail Obstacle, and Western Riding. Minimum payout on each class will be $500 per class, so come on out and see if your young horse is up to the test.

Below are the rules that will govern this year’s Versatility Sweepstakes:

1.  Owners and riders must be members in good standing with TWHBEA
2.  Horses must be registered with TWHBEA
3.  Horses can be enrolled in the TWHBEA Versatility Program. Versatility Program entries and TWHBEA memberships will be accepted at the show
4.  All entries (horses, riders, and owners) must conform to the rules set forth in the TWHBEA Versatility Rulebook.
5.  All horses entered must be between the ages of two and five years old for Trail Obstacle and Dressage Intro – No Canter, and between the ages of three and five years old for Western Riding and Basic Reining.
6.  The Versatility Sweepstakes shall maintain a separate panel of judges, independent of the World Versatility Show judges, however, any horse entered in the Versatility Sweepstakes must also be entered in the World Versatility Show.
7.  Sweepstakes Versatility Classes will run concurrently with the corresponding World Versatility Show classes with the exception of Trail Obstacle, which will be held immediately following the World Versatility Show Adult Trail Obstacle class.
8.  Versatility Sweepstakes entries will combine their entries with the World Versatility Show, so that each entry would have one run per class (i.e. if you enter your horse in World Versatility Show class 32, Basic Reining, and also Versatility Sweepstakes class 4, Basic Reining, you would run the pattern once, but you would get two scores for your run, as if you were at two separate shows.) The only exception to this would be in Trail Obstacle, which will be run separately.
93  All Versatility Sweepstakes and dually entered Versatility Sweepstakes/World Versatility Show entries shall compete following World Versatility Show entries, for the sake of simplicity.
10. Entry fees for the Versatility Sweepstakes shall be $50 per class.
11. The Versatility Sweepstakes shall offer awards for High Point Sire and Dam and High Point Rider, however, Sweepstakes points will not count toward World Versatility Show High Point Awards.

This year’s Versatility Sweepstakes classes are being held to highlight possibilities for the TWHBEA Versatility Futurity, which will be held for the first time in 2010. Further details about the upcoming Futurity will be revealed at this year’s World Versatility Show.

Special thanks to National Bridle Shop; a longtime continuing sponsor of the World Versatility Show, National Bridle Shop has generously committed to supporting this year’s Sweepstakes and the upcoming TWHBEA Versatility Futurity.

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