The newly formed Virginia Walking Horse Association held a general membership meeting on March 30, 2003, at the Valley Engineering Offices in Harrisonburg, Va.

President Mel Belcher presided over the meeting and introduced the newly elected officers, Bill Reel, Vice President; Mary Belcher, Secretary; and Betsy Taylor, Treasurer. 

The mission statement of the Association was discussed.

* Support favorable legislation in the best interest of the Tennessee Walking Horse
* To promote the Tennessee Walking Horse in Virginia and the Atlantic Region
* To promote and improve horse shows in Virginia
* To establish contacts with key state horse associations
* To work in conjunctions with other Walking, Racking and Spotted Saddle Horse Associations
* To maintain membership though out the state
* Work in conjunction with national organizations on major Tennessee Walking Horse issues
* Establish a State Directory of Walking Horse owner

The following committee chairmen were appointed: Mary Swecker, Newsletter/Directory; Connie Hess, Points System; and Betsy Taylor, Membership.  Regional Directors Steve Hankins, Sandy Hankins, Connie Hess, Bill Reel, Donna Skelly, Mel Belcher, Mary Belcher, Betsy Taylor, Richard Lloyd, Kay Swisher, Mary Swecker (President of Shenandoah Valley Association), and Bennie Johnson were approved. Also, the Presidents of other organizations, Virginia Walking and Racking, Virginia Spotted Horse Association, and the Tri State Association were given positions on the board.

A membership table will be placed at the Virginia Celebration Horse Show, Lexington, Va., April 11-12 and will be open during the sale and show hours.

For information on membership please contact Mel Belcher at 804-932-9176, Bill Reel at 540-896-1400, or Betsy Taylor at 804-798-5470.