Over 20 years ago, the employees of Bob Parks Realty, LLC were asking their boss what he wanted for Christmas. He suggested to them that they find a family that needed help with Christmas, and spend their money on t hat family. They began with one family and over a period of years added more families. One day during a lunch meeting between Mr. Parks and Ronnie Knight of Calvary Banking they discussed this need in our community and decided to try and help more families with an emphasis on children. Being horse lovers and owners of walking horses, they decided to try a Tennessee Walking Horse Show that they named “Walking For The Children”.

            “Walking For The Children” was a huge success. As years went by Mr. Parks and Mr. Knight realized that this event needed to be incorporated as a major fundraiser and needed to apply for a charter and federal tax identification number as a non-profitable charitable organization.

            Half of the money raised is used by the employees/agents of Bob Parks Realty, LLC to purchase Christmas presents for underprivileged children so that they might have a Merry Christmas. The other half is split between the Rutherford County School System and the Murfreesboro City School System. These school systems use this money to help children in the community all throughout the school year. Guidance counselors and teachers apply for funds to help children in need. Some purchases that have been made are blue jeans, underwear, socks, and even toiletries.

            This year’s event is scheduled for October 21, 2006 at the Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tenn. To view a complete class schedule please visit www.walkinghorsereport.com. Or contact Tommy Hall of WHOA.

            Thank you for your interest in this organization and please join us as we focus on the needs of children in the community. For more information on becoming a sponsor of the show or to make a donation please contact co-chairman Adam Hensley at 931-224-2228 or email dangmytime1362@yahoo.com.