201 Number of horse show results posted on Walking Horse Report Online as of August 20

23 Number of states which had results posted demonstrating the national appeal of the Tennessee Walking Horse ______________________________________________________________

77 Number of ponies who have earned points in the Adult Walking Pony division of the High Point Report ratings

65 Number of points earned by Adult Walking Pony division leader Titan Up and Kathy Potter for the Potter family _______________________________________________________________

93 Number of Walking Horse Trainers’ Association members who qualified for the 2005 Riders’ Cup

79 Number of eligible trainers who have earned points in the program _______________________________________________________________

16,970 Number of points earned by Riders’ Cup leader Link Webb as of August 20, 2005

104 Number of Riders’ Cup classes Link has shown in to earn these points _______________________________________________________________

14,043 Number of people who have completed the registration process and are registered to access Walking Horse Report Online

493,786 Number of times registered users accessed the site the week ending August 15, 2005