(Copyright 2005) The Walking Horse Report has learned that four time World Champion Ted Williams has been sold to Summit Stallions by owners Jim and Kay Green of Meridian, Mississippi.
     The five-year-old stallion will be joining the breeding program at the Summit facility in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Breeding rights will be by certificate holders only.  In addition, anyone with a breeding certificate for Pusher's Black Hawk can apply it to a breeding to Ted Williams.
     This outstanding stallion was in training with Joe Cotten at the David Landrum Stables throughout his career.  He won the Two-Year-Old Stallion and Two-Year-Old World Grand Championship in 2002; he won the Three-Year-Old Stallion Class(B) in 2003 and the Four-Year-Old Stallion Class (B) in 2004.  All of his World Championships came with Cotten in the irons but Ted also enjoyed recent success in amateur competition with Kay Green in the saddle winning the Four-Year-Old Amateur Specialty Championship at the 2004 Dixie Jubilee in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
     Further details about the program for Ted can be obtained by calling Jada Callaway at Summit Stallion - 931/680-4889 or summitstallions@bellsouth.net