The Walking Horse Association of Alabama (WHAA) recently met and has endorsed H.R. 4098 introduced by Congressman Marsha Blackburn.  The legislation which carries the endorsement of the Celebration, TWHBEA and Walking Horse Trainers’ Association as well as several other state associations will introduce expert, independent oversight of a single Horse Industry Organization.  The legislation will also utilize objective, scientific inspection protocols to eliminate soring.

In addition, the charity Camp Smile-A-Mile who assist children with cancer, is the major beneficiary of the proceeds of the WHAA.  The WHAA has given over $350,000 to the charity from its proceeds.  Camp Smile-A-Mile is just one of the numerous charities that benefit from the charitable horse shows in the Walking Horse industry.

Click here to view the WHAA letter of endorsement.

Click here to view the Camp Smile-A-Mile letter of appreciation to the WHAA.