Congressman Ed Whitfield (R- KY) on Monday June 17, 2013 submitted his original amendment, H.R. 1518, as amendment #127 to H.R. 1947, most commonly referred to as the Farm Bill.  The deadline to file those amendments to the Farm Bill was June 17, 2013 and the Rules Committee, chaired by Pete Sessions (R-TX) heard comments on those amendments on Tuesday June 18.

Congressman Whitfield did address the committee and gave a brief background of the Horse Protection Act and outline of his amendment.  Surprisingly, Congressman Whitfield left out most of what his original amendment called for and told the committee his amendment simply called for the enforcement to be moved from the industry to trained professionals within the USDA.

The Rules Committee held their meeting until close to midnight and announced that over 100 amendments to the Farm Bill had been accepted but Congressman Whitfield’s was not one of the amendments included.

To watch Congressman Whitfield address the Rules Committee click here.