The Walking Horse Owners' Association would like to correct some of the misinformation that is being published by an industry Internet site regarding the agreement with The Walking Horse Report and World Champion Horse Equipment.  WHOA officials requested a meeting with Christy Howard Parsons and Jeffrey Howard on May 12 to discuss the renewal of Dabora's long time commitment to WHOA and the need for additional financial support. 

The Walking Horse Report has been an International Sponsor with exclusive rights at the International since 2006.  World Champion Horse Equipment has been the exclusive tack vendor for the International since 1999.  "I have worked with Christy and Jeffrey for many years and they have always been there to help WHOA when asked.  I am proud of our relationship and look forward to working with Christy and Jeffrey for many years to come," said Tommy Hall.      
The new Premier Sponsorship by Dabora, Inc. gives The Walking Horse Report and World Champion Horse Equipment exclusive rights at all WHOA events.  In this agreement no other publication can distribute papers at WHOA events.  This agreement does not prohibit any other publication from attending WHOA shows or covering the events on behalf of their publication.  It does however prohibit other publications from taking photographs for use in advertising and selling advertising at WHOA events.  Live stream video coverage is not part of this agreement as has been suggested.  Also on request candid photos of winners will be provided to the Voice Magazine by The Walking Horse Report at no charge.                                                                            
"WHOA is trying very hard to promote the breed and all disciplines by providing programs and shows for everyone to enjoy.  Without financial support it is impossible to achieve these goals.  Dabora has been a great sponsor of WHOA for years and I certainly appreciate their decision to become a Premier Sponsor for 2010-2011.  It is time for the industry to realize the importance of WHOA and its role in the future of this breed.  I believe Dabora understands the goals of WHOA and unlike other publications and individuals, Dabora has put their money where their mouth is," said WHOA President Frank Neal.