by Linda Scrivner

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - The 2005 Walking Horse Owners' Association (WHOA) Convention was held Friday, Feb. 11, and Saturday, Feb. 12, 2005 with annual meetings and two Awards Banquets. The meetings were held on Saturday at the Double Tree Hotel in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and both banquets were held at the James Union Building on the Middle Tennessee State University campus.

Tommy Hall, executive director and his staff did their usual excellent job organizing and planning the meetings and festivities. The meetings were very successful and productive while the banquets were well attended with more than 200 the first night at the Register of Merit, Versatility High Point and Academy Awards Banquet. A very full house of more than 250 attended the Saturday night National High Point Awards Banquet. Hall was extremely pleased with the increase of the Friday night banquet.

We separated the two banquets two years ago and had 60 attend the first one. It grew to 150 in 2004 and this year was the largest ever. The Academy crowd is growing by leaps and bounds, he said.


Register of Merit, Versatility High Point and Academy Awards Banquet

Celebrating the two banquets winners highlighted the convention. On Friday night guests enjoy a delicious buffet as we as many awards and honors bestowed upon the hard working winners and their horses.

Following the welcome by Pleasure Horse Committee Chairperson Martha Child and the introduction of honored guests by Mark Farrar, Jr. and the invocation, the buffet dinner was enjoyed by all. Appreciation awards were given to MacGregor Stables, Ida Marie Panella and Womack Stable who had hosted the WHOA versatility shows. Jane Meredith also received an award for her hard work on the Academy work and as a board member.

Jack Green captured the moments on film as Mark Farrar, Jr. announced this yearÕs high point winners. Beautiful awards and ribbons were presented to the owners who came from all corners of the nation to commemorate their wins.

The Versatility High Point Awards were given first. A Spot At The Ritz won the Model division for owner Liz Gassaway. American Legend, who is owned by Tom and Angie Bumpus, finished reserve. The Showmanship division was a tie between Alex Bumpus, who also won in 2004, and Rachel Pulley while Heather Sanders picked up the reserve streamer.

Womack Stables proudly accepted the Pleasure Pony high point award with My Stormy Pride. MudÕs Slim Jim for Julian Haun claimed reserve. In the Country Pleasure-English class the winner was Outback Express for Sarah Keenan with Hotline for R.D. and Connie Waldo picking up the reserve streamer.

In the Junior Trail Pleasure division Hi Times Little Man claimed the trophy for Wayne and Sandra Barnes. Reserve winners were Ruby Who for R.D. and Connie Waldo.

Junior Country Pleasure champion was Papas Pistol for Christie Scrivner with Hotline for R.D. and Connie Waldo claiming the reserve spot. Our Midnight Patriot for Martha Child was the high point winner in the Two And Three-Year-Old Lite-Shod division with reserve going to Stop It for Sandy Harris.

Collecting her second blue of the evening, Christie Scrivner proudly accepted the award won by GenÕs Final Masterpiece in the Trail Pleasure Canter category for the second year in a row and Looking Back for Charles Fulton came in reserve. Rendezvous In The Cloud won the Lite-Shod No Canter category for Ida Marie Panella and Heavenly Reward picked up the red streamer for Bill Reed.

Outback Express and Sarah Keenan picked up their second championship of the evening by winning the Country Pleasure Youth division. Reserve was Pride's Final Mark for Taylor Morgan. The Country Pleasure Western high point winner was Dangerous Beauty for Double Springs Farm. R.D. and Connie Waldo claimed reserve with Hotline.

It was Heavenly Reward for Bill Reed once again winning the Lite-Shod Canter division while reserve was awarded to Drop The Hammer for R.D. and Connie Waldo. Martha Child proudly picked up another award; this time it was Banners Midnight Fantasy winning the Two And Three-Year-Old 1" Shoe class with Look Yonder winning reserve for Bill Reed.

Alex Bumpus was the recipient of the Youth Equitation 17 and Under for the second consecutive year followed by Heather Sanders. Heavenly Secret for Bill Reed won the Park Pleasure No Canter. The Grizzly for the Bobby Richards family was hot on their heels to claim reserve.

There was a tie for first in the Trail Pleasure English No Canter category with first place awards going to Looking Back for Charles Fulton and Ruby Who for R.D. and Connie Waldo. The tie for second included Wise Impact for Vic Gernt family and Dark Renegade for Phil and Bobby Soholt.

There was another tie for first in the Trail Pleasure Youth No Canter division. The three-way winners were Kid Rock for Billy and Sue Dean, Wired's Steppin Lady for Jared Carrier and Mr. Jessie James for Ann Jameson. They were followed by a two way tie for reserve between Obsessed With Silver for Double Springs Farm and A Style File for Jared Carrier.

The winners in the Plantation Pleasure No Canter 1" Shoe division were Look Yonder for Bill Reed and SonatoÕs Gypsy Rose for Marilynne Macleod, who tied for top honors. Razzle Me Dazzle Me picked up the reserve championship for Sandy Harris.

Look Yonder also won the Plantation Pleasure No Canter Amateur 1" Shoe class for Bill Reed with reserve going to Rebelation for the Larry Starnes family. Lacy Cash received the first place trophy for the Trail Pleasure Western No Canter for Double Springs Farm with reserve awarded to Dark Renegade for Phil and Bobby Soholt. GenÕs Dangerous Pusher and Rachel Galeski were honored with first in the Waterglass Youth division. Outback Express and Sarah Keenan claimed reserve. Waterglass Adult high point winners were Rebelation and Linda Starnes with Honey Bear and Ada Kitty Keen claiming reserve.

It was also Traveling Time and Linda Starnes who received the high point Reining title while Honey Bean and Ada Kitty Keen were nipping at their heels to win reserve. Honey Bear and Ada Kitty Keen came out on top to win the Trail Class with a tie for reserve between Bold Aggression and Cindy Anderson and Traveling Time and Heather Sanders.

There were eight horses in the youth and 12 in the adult divisions recognized in the 2004 Certificate of Achievement. The Certificate of Achievement is a year end award based on points earned in that show year only. There was one register of Merit Champion in 2004, A Little Bit Of Black Rock and Yvonne Monier. Two were awarded the Certificate of Merit award. Rebelation and Linda Starnes won the Certificate of Merit in the adult section. C.C.'s Traveling Knieval and Jessica Marlewski won the youth Certificate of Merit award.

The 2004 Academy Program was a huge success. TWBHEA and WHOA co-sponsored many events along with the Academy Championships at the 2004 National Trainers Show. The first of the academy awards went to Caitlin Chase as she claimed the tricolor in the Show Class 17 and Under, Performance Specialty division. Jackie Osborne claimed the reserve honor.

Jane Ann Perry made the trip to the front to claim the Juvenile 15-17 Performance Specialty trophy with Cheyenne Ralston winning the number two spot. In the Country Pleasure Open Specialty division, the winner was Landon Mills. Reserve was won by Jessica Poteet.

Next came the Juvenile 12-17 Performance Specialty which was won by Mason Gassaway while Alysa Fann earned the reserve title. It was Niki Leggett winning the Juvenile 12-14, Flat-Shod Specialty title while reserve was awarded to Landon Mills.

Winning the Juvenile 15-17 Flat-shod Specialty title was Cate Kilgore while reserve was awarded to Cheyenne Ralston. Penny Prentice won the Adult Flat-shod Specialty and Barbara Shemwell claimed the number two spot.

Claire Ottman claimed the Juvenile Eight and Under Performance Specialty with Jocelyn Davenport picking up the reserve win. It was a tie between Shannon Lay and Hailey Douglas in the Juvenile 11 and Under Flat-shod Specialty division with another tie for second between Sloan Stuart and Georgia Ralston.

Shelly Lewis was the recipient of the Adults Performance Specialty award followed by Angie Hornaday for reserve. Carli Stuart won the Juvenile Eight and Under Flat-shod Specialty. Sydney Shortridge was hot on her heels to claim reserve.

The Juvenile 11 And Under Performance Specialty winner was Shannnon Lay followed by Hailey Douglas winning reserve. Emily Prentice received the first place trophy in the Equitation Show Class Open Specialty with reserve going to Heather Sanders.

Shelly Lewis picked up her second first place award of the evening in the Equitation Adult Performance Specialty. Reserve was claimed by Tracey Stuart. The Equitation 15-17 Flat-shod Canter champion was Angela Smotherland with Cheyenne Ralston claiming the red streamer.

Stephanie Smith received the first place in the Equitation Open Flat-Shad Canter division with reserve going to Nikki Leggett. The winner in the Equitation 15-17 Flat-shod Specialty division was Megan Whitmer while Chelsea Mazzell picked up the reserve championship.

Ann McCullough Wilkins was honored with first in the Equitation 11 And Under Flat-shod Specialty and Hailey Douglas claimed reserve. Equitation 12-14 Performance Specialty winner was Audrey Whitmer with Taylor Simmons claiming reserve. Mary Ann Wheatley made the trip to the front to receive the Equitation Adult Flat-shod Specialty trophy with Shelly Lewis coming in reserve.

Equitation Eight And Under Under Performance Specialty high point winner was Claire Ottman with Shelby Stacey claiming reserve. Rachel Oravetz was honored with first in the Equitation 12-14 Flat-shod Specialty and Nikki Leggett claimed reserve.

Equitation Eight And Under Flat-shod Specialty high point winner was Sydney Shortridge with Carli Stuart claiming reserve. For the third consecutive year, Hailey Douglas proudly claimed the Equitation 11 And Under Performance Specialty with Ann McCullough Wilkins claiming reserve. The Final award in the Equitation With Pattern Work Open was presented to Nikki Leggett. Chelsea Mazzell and Stephanie Smith tied for reserve.

President Rhonda Martocci closed the awards with a big thank you to all who participated. The first eveningÕs festivities were brought to a close with many heading toward the silent auction to view and bid on the lovely and large selection of items.


The Saturday schedule included the board meeting at 9:00 a.m, followed by the general membership meeting at 10:00 a.m. At l:00 p.m., the program included the pleasure committee meeting and the Walking Horse Owners Youth Association (WHOYA) annual membership meeting and convention. All of these were held at the Double Tree Hotel.


At 10:00 a.m., the board was still going strong in their session and those that were there for the membership meeting were invited into the board room as they continued their work for the year. Topics on the agenda for the Board of Directors meeting included election results, the introduction of board and advisory, minutes, the financial report, the nominating committee, the NHSC report and list of members, the academy committee report, the pleasure committee report, the budget, and the horse show committee report, followed by old and new business.

Tommy Hall gave his Horse Show Report. The dates for the Performance International will be Sept. 29-30, and Oct. 1, 2005. The International Grand Championship Pleasure and Colt Walking Horse Show will be held July 31-Aug. 6. This will have basically the same format as last year with the halter classes being at the first of the show so that they may also show at Fayetteville, Belfast and Wartrace. This will be the last year that these shows will conflict. There are eight versatility shows held by WHOA in Murfreesboro, Tenn., Brownsville, Ky., Cookeville, Tenn., Lewisburg, Tenn., Clarcona, Fla. and Jefferson, Wisc.


The Pleasure Committee Meeting was called to order by Tommy Hall at 1:00 p.m. Saturday followed by roll call. Chairman Martha Child welcomed everyone.

Child spoke about the two pound rule that the NHSC had recently passed for the lite-shod and country pleasure classes. She stated that she wanted the committee to hear presentations about the shoes that had been made prior to the NHSC passing this rule. Child also stated that once you enter the ring, any violation is considered post-show.

Child first introduced Iron Craft's farrier Jerry Perry of Lewisburg. He started by saying that they made 800 different sizes of shoes. He explained that the tungsten shoes have a density of 17-18 and a regular shoeÕs density was eight. Normal shoes weigh a little less than half the weight of the tungsten shoes.

ÒA number two lite-shod shoe weighs one pound and one ounce and that with each shoe size you gain one ounce of weight, said Perry. The tungsten number two shoe would weigh about two pounds, 2 ounces, and that each size gains two ounces. With the old ruling and measurement of 3/8 x 3/4, the regular steel shoe would not reach the two pound limit unless another metal was added. The competition lite-shod shoe is a little larger. The metal for a shoe is 7/16 to start, but when the shoe is finished its a full 3/8. Lots of mills have quit making 7/16 metal. They wonÕt make odd ball shoes. Many start with 1/2Ó shoes and grind them down.Ó

Perry continued, He said it isn't possible for a shoe 3/8 x 3/4 to weigh five pounds. When you change from a #3 to #4 you gain an ounce. With a number five shoe made of tungsten, it still would not weigh five pounds. The tungsten shoes are very expensive because you can't shape or machine them. It takes two days to make a pair. You have to use an old shoe for a pattern, measurements or a pattern of the foot. Tungsten shoes sell for $1500. The shoes that are partially tungsten cost $750 and they can be shaped a little. You have to have a binder to hold tungsten together and they usually use steel as a binder in the shoes. From the plantation shoe width of 1 1/2Ó to 3/8 is a big drop in width.

ÒWith a two pound limit you're putting everyone in the same category. A two pound shoe will alter a small horses gait more than a larger horse. The Arabian people said the biggest mistake they ever did was to put a limit on the shoes. A bigger horse needs a bigger shoe. If youÕre using the shoe to alter your gait, then you'll be riding ponies before it's over. If you solve one problem, you're creating another.

Rhonda Martocci then commented, The competition lite-shod shoe doesn't measure. We need a template that can be used to measure the width and the depth and that would eliminate the guesswork. If they enforce the size rules, we wouldn't be having these problems. The solution seems to be a template.

Farrier Mark Walling spoke next. Bigger is heavier, of course. The Ôcheater shoeÕ is bigger than the legal size. He stated that the tungsten shoe is bright and shiny and not difficult to detect. WeÕre selling more horses in the lite-shod to beginners and these problems are bad for the business. It needs to be stopped preshow.Ó

The farriers were thanked for coming and also answered some questions.

Rhonda Martocci stated that it's not a matter of harming the horse, it's what a trail pleasure or lite-shod horse should be. We expect a big difference in these two divisions. We expect the animals to do something different with the same shoe. The main thing that makes the difference is not really the shoeing, but the training method and the talent of the horse that makes the difference.

Tommy Hall spoke of the Pleasure International and said that the dates would be July 31-Aug. 6, 2005 and would be in the same format as last year. They plan to start earlier on Sunday morning. The 2005 show will follow the same format, with halter classes earlier in the show. He asked for everyone to send in suggestions concerning the show. Hall stated that with the warm up area having the closed sides, it would be easier to keep the warm up service closer to the actual rings footing.

The Breeders Versatility World Championship Show will be held on July 29-30 just prior to the International, said Hall. This has worked well for both groups. They had over 300 last year and we had $1800 showing. Hall continued, It takes a little over $250,000 to put on the two shows. Hall stated that the Register of Merit program was going to be ran from the WHOA office this year. It is based on points at shows and will be on the Internet soon.

The new Park Performance classes were discussed. It is a performance class and it is interchangeable between the Park Performance and the Show Pleasure classes. This class doesn't have the horses back up.

Hall said that the high points came from 267 shows. He also said it is important that the horse be in your name for points. There were some problems with this.


The highlight of the weekend was the National High Point Awards Banquet. The turnout was tremendous with wall to wall tables and attendees gathering on Saturday evening at 6:30 p.m . Following the welcome by President Rhonda Martocci, introduction of honored guests by Mark Farrar, Jr., and the invocation, a meal was enjoyed by those in attendance. David Landrum, WHTA president, Lonnie Messick representing the NHSC and Connie Nixon and Chip Walters representing the Celebration were among the honored guests that were recognized. Appreciation awards were given, including awards to Kathy Owen and Suzy Johnson for coordinating the silent auction.

Presentations were then made to the 2004 Diamond Sponsors. The Black Night Shade was honored for being the 2004 World Grand Champion and an award was also presented to trainer Jimmy McConnell and the horseÕs owners Tom and Judy Waite.

A High Dollar Charge for the Mark Taylor family and Fancy Spence was the first to receive a National High Point Award in the Two-Year-Old Fillies division. Reserve went to Sweepaway for Dr. and Mrs. R. Rigual of Oklahoma City, Okla., and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Card Trick was the Two-Year-Old Stallions and Geldings champion for Carol Sims of Anaheim Hills, Calif. The Paul Bryan family of Thomasville, Ga., owned the reserve champion America On Line. In the Two and Three-Year-Old Lite-Shod division, Royals Chosen Lady was first for the Chip Carrier family of Kentucky followed by Our Midnight Patriot for Martha Child.

Sue Maze of Murphy, Texas, received the award for the Two and Three-Year-Old Park Pleasure champion with Forever Spirit while the reserve place went to Tijuana Texas for Gladney Farms of Homer, La. The Two-Year-Old Amateur award went Mississippi way as Shock Jock was awarded the championship for owners Michael and Becky Coleman. Bob and Mary Medina of Skillman, N.J.owed reserve winner Hey Hey Ole.

Dr. and Mrs. W.H. Hill of Powder Springs, Ga.,were proud of their Neon Bright as she captured the Three-Year-Old Mares while Loose N Busty was reserve for James and Peggy Vernon of Booneville, Miss. Empire Maker won in the Three-Year-Old Stallions and Geldings for HLS and T. I Could Command won the red streamer for Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Etheredge of Collinsville, Ala.

Bramlett and Wilson carried home the Three-Year-Old Amateur title with Jazzed Up while Master Of Jazz and Lee Wall of Mississippi earned the reserve placing. The Junior Plantation Lite-Shod title was won by A Classic Shot for Jim and Terri Naugle of Novato, Calif.

Strictly Off The Record won the red streamer for Jim and Judy Sims.

Junior Park Or Plantation Pleasure was won by Bob Dillons Ebony Threat for Carl Dickson. Sundrop's Angel earned the reserve spot for owner Diane Ramskugler. Altima earned the most points in the Junior Mares for Carol Sims with Ritzy Zone for the Anthony Joseph family receiving reserve.

Dragonfly and owners Bud Moore and Suzanne Littell of Catherine, Ala., captured the Junior Stallions And Geldings title while A Strong Dollar earned reserve for Curtice McCloy of Norman, Okla. The Four-Year-Old Amateur champion was Sky Jam for Bud Moore and Suzanne Littell, followed by He's Dr. Cash for Larry and Farrah MacAlexander.

Winning the most points in the Owner Amateur Trained Trail Pleasure division was Ruby Who for R.D. and Connie Waldo while Fred and Lisa Weaver's Blond Ambition was reserve. The award for the Owner Amateur Trained Lite-Shod went to Texas with Armed Lady From Dixie and Robert and Wayne Westbrook. Vigors Mr. VIP made Elizabeth Mullins proud with reserve.

Grandy's Fancy Lady took the Owner Amateur Trained Park or Plantation title home for owner Martha Crawford of Greenfield, Wisc. It's Up In Arms for owner Gladney Farms claimed reserve. The Owner Amateur Trained title went to Stormy's Black Rain for the Jim Sullivan family of Olive Branch, Miss. Ebony's Coin Dream was reserve for Bob and Marilyn Scott of Kosciusko, Miss.

A Jazz Attraction earned the most points for the Curt Washburn family. Honky Tonk Jessie was reserve for Dr. Roger Richards. Capturing the Weanling Colts title was Aerial Assault for Lisa Teel and Mitzi Butler of Andalusia, Ala. while reserve went to Look Who's In Command for Hoyte Eakes.

The Country Pleasure Youth title went to Extra Rave for Mary Kirton of Waxahachie, Texas. Southern Walking Man was reserve for Logan and Rita Teeter of Henderson, N.C. Impress Me won a title for Helen Mueller in the Flat Shod. Chalking up another victory was Serious Threat claiming reserve for Gladney Farms.

Regal's Lady Of Royalty was crowned Lite-Shod Youth 17 and Under champion while the Chip Carrier family was proud of the reserve champion SilverÕs Spinal Tap. Rodney Dangerfield won the Park or Plantation Pleasure 17 and Under for Landon Head of Wisner, La. General Bradley was in the running to win reserve for Johnson and Meade.

There was a tie in the Youth 11 and Under division between Sanman for Larry and Pam Russell of Pontotoc, Miss., and The Inside Track for Red Strickland of Olive Branch, Miss., while the Dan McSwain family's Armed To Show won the reserve championship for the state of Georgia. Youth 12-17 champion was I'm A Ritz for Stephaine Carter and the reserve championship went to Prism Sky for What A Blessing Farm.

Drop The Hammer and R.D. and Connie Waldo had the most points in the Lite-Shod Western division followed by A Classic Shot for Jim and Terri Naugle. GeneratorÕs Power Pusher earned the Park Western Pleasure award for the second consecutive year for Dick and Sally Reiley with reserve heading to GenÕs Magic Marker for Cindy Sullivan.

Come To Papa and Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Gaines were thrilled to win the Ladies Amateur title with reserve awarded to Pushin That Jazz and Wallace and Laura Brandon. Spring Starmaker claimed the Ladies Auxiliary for Samantha Green with reserve placing awarded to Ample Cash and C & C Stables of Georgia.

John F Ks Pusher and Bruce and Robin MacDonald of Atlanta, Ga., won the Amateur 50 and Over Championship with Walkin All Over winning reserve for Bob and Mary Medina. The Equitation, Riders 17 and Under went to Alex Bumpus once again with the red streamer going to Lindsey Landrum.

The Adult Equitation title went to Susan Shemwell with reserve heading to Kacey Conley. Driving champions were SheÕs A Double Major for Double Springs Farm while Magic Illusionist and Cheryl Reidy of Rancho Sante Fe, Calif., won the reserve spot. The Show Pleasure winner was Insomnia for Keith and Suzy Johnson. Coin's Black Stroke was the reserve champion for Ashley Compton. They Call Me Sir took the Open Amateur Specialty title for Bob and Mary Medina while Charlene Gibson's I'm Packing A Pistol carried home the reserve award to Sykesville, Md.

Genius Gold Spirit and the Robert Keenan family received the Fine Harness award with reserve going to On The Money for Double Springs Farm.

The Amateur 15.2 and Under championship was headed for Franklin, Tenn., as Pam Ingraham collected the award for Pure Tribute and The Phantom Menace sent the reserve award to Deerwood Manor. It's Up In Arms earned the Amateur Park award for Gladney Farms while Wayne Hall's Metro Grand earned the reserve spot for Wayne Hall. Amateur Lite-Shod honors went to Jose Quervo Gold for Jeff Ray and Nancy Yonko. Double Pride's Legacy won the reserve title for Kathy Atwater.

The Open Amateur champion was Generator's Champion for Hy Steppin Farm. Dr. Perfect was reserve for Sandra Hodgson of Omak, Wash. Heza Hero took the Country Pleasure title home for Fred and Lisa Weaver to La. Hotline and R.D. and Connie Waldo earned reserve in this division.

Tornado Appeal won the Park or Plantation Pleasure Specialty for Chuck and Ruth Ann Spinelli while Bob Dillon's Ebony Threat and Carl Dickson earned reserve. All Night and Rhonda Martocci and Mattie and Kathy Jones won the Lite-Shod Specialty title followed by Drop The Hammer for R.D. and Connie Waldo.

Trail Pleasure No Canter champion Bad News Fantastic Cash continues to win for Larry and Sheila Denny from Texas while reserve position was DPS Generating Thunder for Scott and Vickie Nelson. Dotson and More's Patriot Score won the Plantation  Reserve went to Bob DillonÕs Ebony Threat for Carl Dickson.

Pro-Am champion Spring's Starmaker continues to win for Samantha Green while reserve position was Night Twister for Ann Bailey of Metarie, La. IÕm Shania Twain and Dr. Roger Richards wowed them in the Yearling Fillies division with R.D. and Connie Waldo picking up reserve for Grandee Ann.

Scratch My Back earned the Yearling Colts championship for Steve Trice and Carla Hurley. Papa's Paladin and Womack Stables were reserve in this division. All Night won the Lite-Shod Plantation for Rhonda Martocci and Maddie Jones. Jose Quervo Gold and Jeff Ray and Nancy Yonko were reserve in this division.

Eagle's Lady Sue won the Trail Pleasure Canter title for the Ashley Womack family while One Knight At A time earned reserve for Olivia Boyle. Traveling Time won the Trail Class Obstacle for Dan Starnes while ThatÕs My Pride Jubilee and Beth Blessing-Foat claimed the reserve title.

It was a tie between Gen's Johnny Walker Red for John and Gary Legate and London Rain for Charles Clark in the 15.2 and Under division. Major Gee Whiz earned reserve for Jim and Bonnie Gerhardt. Main Majorette thrilled Carolyn Thomas with the Aged Mares title. There was a reserve tie between The Key To My Heart for John Furline and Rising Rhythm for Bobby Luna.

Barracuda earned the Aged Stallions and Gelding title while Kat Man Dude earned the reserve spot for Tom and Polly Ware. Walking Pony honors went to Final Keeper and Morgan Legate for the second consecutive year. PusherÕs General earned the reserve spot for Steve Mozeley. A Greater Generator won the Park Championship for Leo and Mary Martin while reserve went to Barbara Civils Caprice's Lady Gen.

The Championship Stake winners were Main Power and Holland, King and Kilgore while reserve went to The Outlaw Josey Wales for Mr. and Mrs. Larry McLaughlin. The awards concluded with three coveted awards. Beautiful carved portraits were the awards given to these three. The 2004 Overall Horse High Point Awards were given in three categories. The High Point Halter Overall was won by I'm Shania Twain and Dr. Rogers Richards; the Overall High Point Pleasure was won by Drop The Hammer and R.D. and Connie Waldo for the second consecutive year; and the Overall High Point Performance winners were They Call Me Sir for Bob and Mary Medina.

Following the awards, the silent auction was concluded and a 50/50 drawing closed the evening. The cash giveaway drawing kept everyone on the edge of their seat, hoping that they would not hear their name called out since the last ticket would claim the cash. Bruce Lovato bid $1200 for the final five tickets and took home his half of the kitty, $7000. The final five were Florence Edwards, Vivian Keenan, Rhonda Martocci, Joel Weaver and Roger Richards and Curtis Washburn. This was the second year for Lovato to claim the prize.