Editor's Note:  The following letter from Andrew Waites was sent to all WHOA Board members Saturday May 16, 2009 and is now being sent to the membership.




DATE:      5/15/09


The reason for this note is to notify you, so that you can notify your constituents, of an optional addition to the regular inspection process at the upcoming Fun Show.  A group of owners is in the process of contracting (3) licensed vets for the purpose of inspecting horses prior to the standard DQP inspection. The rationale behind this addition is to provide an opportunity for all trainers and owners to bring their horses to this vet group to pre-inspect for HPA compliance in "real time" and to support the industry goal of identifying and eliminating EVERY horse deemed to be sore.

This “on-site” pre inspection performed by licensed vets should be supplemental to the barn inspections being performed by many trainers. These trainers are to be commended for their pro-active stance regarding documentation. The result(s) of these Fun Show inspections by the licensed vets will be documented and made available to the trainer/owner. It can then be added to other barn based inspection documents and communicate a detailed paper trail of HPA compliance.

The charge will be $25 per horse, and all proceeds will go directly to the inspecting vets. Please note, this inspection is totally optional and each owner can decide and communicate with their trainer if they want to participate in this process.

Since this has not previously been done at such a prominent show, I want to manage your expectations and ask for your patience as the process for an efficient system is developed. It will likely go slower than we want, but will get better the more we do it. The week following the Fun Show a report will be issued on the value (if any) of this service. If deemed appropriate, WHOA may want to consider taking more of a leadership roll regarding this type of project as well as the “Owner’s True Liability Regarding the Operating Plan” session noted in an earlier email.

I wish you all a great Fun Show and remainder of the season.