The team that brought you The Maiden Championship is proud to present  The All Day Pleasure Challenge! 
“The Challenge” will be a test of skill and correctness of the Junior All Day Pleasure horse. Entries will compete in a 3-part series at the WHOA International Grand Championship consisting of Pleasure, Precision Pattern, and Conformation, with each piece of the competition being officiated by a separate judge, and the other two judges sequestered. 

Entries will come into the arena one at a time to perform their precision pattern, which holds 40% of the final score. Following each entry’s pattern, the entry will remain in the arena. After each pattern, the entries will compete in a standard 2 Gait All Day Pleasure class, also holding 40% of the final score. 

Upon completion of the rail work, all entries will remain in the ring with 5 minutes to strip saddles and make finishing touches on grooming before the conformation portion of the competition. Entries are to be stood square to allow efficient evaluation of their overall conformation for correctness and suitability. Conformation will account for 20% of overall score. 

The All Day Pleasure Challenge is an open division for Trainers, Amateurs and Youth to compete. Sponsorship of $1,000 has been added with a payout going to the top 5.  Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

The All Day Pleasure Challenge will take place Saturday July 22 at Tennessee Miller Coliseum as part of the 45th Annual International. The Class number will be 36A.

WHOA looks forward to this exciting new addition to the International Grand Championship!