Walking Horse Report On Line had another strong week with over 17,000 visitors for the week ending Saturday, September 11, 2004.  For the week the site attracted 407,197 hits from 17,099 visitors who spent an average of 8 minutes and 40 seconds per visit.

These numbers represent an average of 2,443 visitors per day and 58,170 hits.  Tueday, when everyone went back to work, represented the busiest day with 80,698 hits from 2,910 visitors.  The site had traffic virtually every hour of every day as apparently horse people don't ever sleep.

We received many compliments on our Celebration coverage with immediate results after each class and a full story after the show was over each night.  We are the only site, except the Celebration, that had the results for all sessions, including the morning and the Futurity.

The Report thanks you again for your outstanding support of our site.