Walking Horse Report On Line traffic has surged the first three days of this week with 162,778 hits from 6,766 registered users.  Even more impressive is that the users are spending an average of almost 10 minutes per visit

Sunday, Oct. 3 - 35,917 hits - 1,735 users

Monday, Oct. 4 - 65,379 hits - 2,602 users

Tuesday, Oct. 5 - 61,482 hits - 2,429 users

Most of the increase in traffic is attributable to the Comment Board section of the site as more and more people are participating.  "We did not realize that there was such a need for a reputable board for people to post on and we are looking into expanding this portion of the site to satisfy our users", said David L. Howard, Dabora president.

The High Point Report continues to attract large volumes of traffic with many people using the database to check the records of horses.  And since horse shows are now back in full swing, traffic checking show results that are timely and accurate is back to pre-Celebration levels.

WHR On Line has several enhancements in development that will be brought on line before the end of the year.