The Walking Horse Report web site ( continued its strong growth and presence in 2022. For the year, Walking Horse Report had 822,338 site visits, up almost 50,000 visits from 2021, a 6% increase. The page views were in line with the year previous with just under 3.75 million page views in 2022.

The Walking Horse Report continues to also grow its digital footprint through social media. The Report ended the year with 23,337 followers on Facebook and 1,023 followers on Twitter.  

Results and judges’ cards remain the strongest performers on the site and draw the most page views. The Walking Horse Report has a searchable database of results going back to 2002 and allows users to search horse, rider and owner records back to 2022 from all affiliated industry shows.  You can also search by judge and see what shows since 2022 a particular judges has done. The results also allow the breeding features on the site to be educational to those trying to find the best match to their mare or stallion. In 2022, the Walking Horse Report had results from 183 shows across the country.  The top month was June with results from 31 events.

ReporTV is also an extremely popular feature on the Report web site.  ReporTV is a partnership with Dean Johnson Video and in 2022 ReporTV captured video from 23 horse shows, all of which are saved and archived on the site for viewing at any time.  ReporTV has video from horse shows in the industry back to 2012.  In 2022, video from the NC Championships was provided by Bob Roach.

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