The Walking Horse Trainers Association called a special meeting in Shelbyville, Tenn., on Wednesday, August 11, to discuss the current problems in the industry relative to the Horse Protection Act and the USDA.

The Walking Horse Report honored the request of WHTA President David Landrum to not be at that meeting as the meeting was for trainers only. We have since learned that representatives from at least two other publications were present at the meeting. Many owners were also at the meeting that attracted approximately 150 people.

Apparently the meeting went well and the discussions were productive. The Report has learned that it was decided at that meeting that Landrum would join TWHBEA President Jerrold Pedigo and the NHSC’s Lonnie Messick in an already scheduled meeting in Washington on Thursday, August 12, with Dr. Todd Behre and Dr. Chester Gipson as a trainer representative.

The Walking Horse Report will update this continuing story as information becomes available.