Press Release from TWHBEA

The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) is pleased to announce that the original winner of the Jose’ Jose’ membership drive, has decided to donate it to the Tennessee Walking Horse Youth Association. The winner, Sarah Cooley, felt that the stud fee would be better used to further the TWHYA programs.

 “It’s very encouraging to see our youth members giving back to help future youth. The future is definitely bright for our youth” said David Williams TWHBEA VP of Breeding. VP of Youth, Ginger Evans said “I am so grateful for Sarah donating this back. I’m so proud to be apart such a great group of youth.” Beginning on May 10th and running through May 30th, TWHBEA will hold an auction for a stud fee to Jose’ Jose’ on our Facebook page with all proceeds going to TWHYA. Follow the link below to get to the auction. 

TWHBEA would also like to thank Miss Sarah Cooley for her generosity and her wiliness to help the TWHYA.