In all sports there is one title that supersedes all others. A title that makes every effort and moment spent, all worth while. The walking horse industry holds many prestigious awards but only one holds the magnitude and honor that is so frequently and fervently sought for. That title is the honor of being named World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse.

For the well-paired team of Steve Dunn and Out On Parole this title seemed like the perfect way to cap off an outstanding career. An impressive pedigree backed the stallion as he started his career. Out On Parole was sired by the late Pusher’s Doing Time and out of a Pride’s Gold Coin mare, Pride’s Golden Doll. Other great horses in Parole’s pedigree include Midnight Sun, Sun’s Delight, Go Boy’s Shadow, Triple Threat, and The Pusher C.G.

Most horses and their riders experience defeat and setback several times during their career. That’s not the case for Dunn and Parole. A perfect Celebration record with the exception of one reserve, made Out On Parole one of the most talked about contenders.

In fact, during his career Out On Parole has been crowned a world champion seven of the eight times he tried. That alone speaks volumes for the fine stallion. It seems that throughout his career Out On Parole hardly ever missed a beat. In 1999, the year Steve Dunn’s father Bud won his second World Grand Championship atop RPM, Steve and Out On Parole capped off an outstanding season with a win in the two-year-old stallion preliminary and ultimately a win in the Two-Year-Old World Grand Championship.

Following a successful first year in he showring, Out On Parole and Steve Dunn teamed up once again to take on the three-year-old competition. At the end of his three-year-old season, Parole and Dunn had amassed two wins and three reserves. With their great reputation they earned during his first season in the ring and several strong ties as a three-year-old, Out On Parole claimed the Three-Year-Old Stallion World Championship and a Reserve Three-Year-Old World Grand Championship. The reserve win would be the last time Out On Parole would ever wear anything but blue out of the Celebration oval.

As Out On Parole moved up into the four-year-old ranks, he moved one year closer to the ultimate title. As a four-year-old, Out On Parole continued to prove that he was a challenger to be reckoned with by winning three blues that year and one reserve. At the Celebration Out On Parole was still the horse to beat as he won the Four-Year-Old Stallions and Four-Year-Old Championship. It was after this win that fans and spectators began to speculate on how he would do in aged competition.

All speculation was put to rest in the spring of 2002. The long awaited debut of Out On Parole came at the Spring Fun Show. What a debut it was. Several of the industries finest turned out to challenge the black roan stallion. But in the end Steve Dunn and Out On Parole were the unanimous choice of the judging panel and off to a great start. That would be the only show ring appearance made by Out On Parole and Dunn. This would build excitement and anticipation as the team waited patiently for the first big night.

When that came and the call was made for the Aged Stallions Division A, it was their time. Out On Parole and Steve Dunn were ready and able to complete the first of two steps that would lead them to the ultimate title. After a great class and a lot of cheering, Dunn and Parole were called to receive the World Championship award. Now there was one down and one to go.

Eleven were announced as they entered the ring on that thrilling Saturday night. As each entry took their position along the rail they all turned to watch the final competitor enter the ring. That final one was none other than Out On Parole and Steve Dunn. It was finally time. A long powerful career had finally come to it’s climax, that night would belong to Out On Parole and all who supported him throughout his journey. As Steve Dunn directed Out On Parole through his spotlight ride and victor pass, he wore something very special to him, his father’s tie. Even though the adored Bud Dunn was not present he had helped make this moment possible as it was him who started Out On Parole cantering. It was a special night for both horse and trainer.

A great career requires a top instructor and trainer at the helm of the campaign. Out On Parole had just that. The son of the late, great Bud Dunn, Steve Dunn has directed Parole throughout his entire career. Having achieved the title of World Grand Champion once before with Motown Magic and assisting his father with his World Grand Champions, Dark Spirit’s Rebel and RPM, Steve Dunn knew what it would take to win the big one. Since the two had been inseparable during Parole’s entire career, Dunn and Parole worked in perfect harmony together. They knew all along they had what it took and proved it to the world on August 31st.

A superb set of owners also make the difference in the career of a horse. Out On Parole couldn’t have done any better as he is owned by Randall and Sadie Baskin, two of the finest. The Baskins have done a great job promoting the stallion. Even at shows Out On Parole did not attend, fans with his picture and name could be found in the hands of spectators all summer long at shows across Tennessee. The Baskins also displayed a banner of OOPs on the front of their motorcoach as they travel from show to show.

A perfect ending for a perfect horse. Out On Parole has certainly been a joy to watch for both fans and spectators alike. To have seen Out On parole perform is to have seen the model walking horse in action. A great back stride and a nice front end, Out On Parole posed al the traits needed to wear the roses. A great team of owners and a gifted trainer all played their part in helping Out On Parole be the 64th World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse. Now OOPs will spend his days breeding the future champions which will no doubt carry on the outstanding legacy of the one and only. . . Out On Parole.