The first Youth Equine Support Show will be held in Lynchburg, Tennessee on April 8, beginning at 4:00 pm. The funds raised will be used to sponsor youth classes throughout the year at shows already being held. 

There will be special classes including a First Time to Show Class. This class will be for youth riders 17 and under who have never shown and youth riders who are graduating from Lead Line or in Academy classes will be allowed to to enter. There will be a break after class 15 when and a Fan To Ride Class where anyone who would like to ride a Tennessee Walking Horse will have the opportunity to ride one.

There will be several volunteer judges throughout the night that are licensed SHOW judges whom have agreed to judge any class their barn isn’t involved in. This was done years ago at the Trainers’ Show and during Racking Horse Show.

There will be an Easter Egg Hunt for children 8 and under in an area away from the show ring.

Frances Bates will be the Show Manager and Marcia Alison is the Secretary/Treasurer.