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TV SHOW | Andi Mack

WHR: Let’s start by you telling us more about yourself. If we were meeting for the first time, how would you introduce yourself?

BiBi: Hi I’m BiBi Beasley I live in Athens, Alabama with my mom, Beth and my twin sister, Maxine. I love my Tennessee Walking Horses, Tommy Lee Jones, A SuperBowl MVP, and Lined Walkin’. We are members of the Athens First United Methodists Church.

WHR: How did your journey into the horse world begin?

BiBi: Mom put me on a pony and I liked it!! The first time I rode in The Celebration, I was two years old and I showed in the lead line class with Russ Thompson leading me on Little Shaker’s Delight. I showed for five years in the lead line class from 2010 through 2014.

In 2013, I showed my favorite pony, Texas Pete and was led by Jada Callaway. In 2014, I showed Rattle & Snap and won a World Grand Championship at The Celebration. Kasie Caldwell led me.

WHR: What’s your favorite thing about walking horses?

BiBi: What’s not to LOVE about Tennessee Walking Horses?!? It’s the BEST breed in the world!!

WHR: Who is your favorite horse?

BiBi: My FAVORITE horse is Lined Walkin’ and I LOVE showing A SuperBowl MVP too!! I really admire Honors and enjoyed getting to ride him at Asheville.

WHR: Besides actual “riding” itself, what other aspects of the horse show world do you most enjoy?

BiBi: Other than riding at the shows I like to watch my friends and family ride and to hang out with Addie, Anne Marie, Aaleah and Aubrey.

WHR: Tell me a little about your trainers.

BiBi: My trainers are Joe Fleming and Justin Harris. They have taught me to ride consistently and competitively. Russ Thompson introduced me to Tennessee Walking Horses. He led me in the lead line class the first time I showed in The Celebration. Greggie taught me how to sit correctly on a horse. Kim and Beetle Bailey taught me heels down and where to hold the reins. Clay Sanderson, Kim Bailey and Kasie Caldwell put
me in the show ring for the first time on our padded horse, Inception in Athens, Alabama.

WHR: What’s your favorite show ring memory?

BiBi: My favorite memory from the show ring is winning the WGC in Youth Pony class on Lined Walkin’ in 2018.

WHR: What do you want to be (professionally) when you grow up?

BiBi: I want to be a Tennessee Walking Horse trainer when I grow up.

WHR: What’s something you’d like to learn to do?

BiBi: I would like to learn to drive a car.

WHR: Who is a person you admire and why?

BiBi: I admire my grandmother, Marme’ because she is always encouraging me to do my BEST!!

WHR: What’s something you’d like to share with the readers of the Walking Horse Report dailies?

BiBi: Riding and Showing Walking Horses is a huge privilege, so enjoy every moment!!

WHR: What is one of your goals for the upcoming year?

BiBi: My goal for this year is to make the Honor Roll again.

WHR: What’s something about you that your horse friends might be surprised to learn?

BiBi: I like to cook and bake!!

WHR: What’s a motto or philosophy in life that you try to live by?

BiBi: YOLO!! You Only Live Once so do your best!!

WHR: If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would it be and where would you eat?

BiBi: If I could eat with a famous person, I would eat with Alex Guarnaschelli and eat at one of her restaurants.