(The following Q&A took place between Harper Grider and Walking Horse Report editorial director Sadie Fowler. In a series aimed to spotlight the youth riders of our industry, several youths were asked to participate in this feature and we are delighted with the response we received. Each of our Celebration dailies features at least one youth rider in recognition of their talents and participation.)

WHR: Let’s start by you telling us more about yourself. If we were meeting for the first time, how would you introduce yourself?

Grider: My name is Harper Grider and I am the daughter of Brent and Courtney Grider. I go to Adair County Middle School in Columbia, Kentucky. I am 13, I enjoy riding and showing horses and also swimming. I also like to ride four wheelers with my brother Cohen and my dad.

WHR: How did your journey into the horse world begin?

Grider: I got started in the horse industry by my dad, who is a horse trainer.

WHR: What’s your favorite thing about walking horses?

Grider: What I love most about walking horses is how you develop a special bond with them because of their loving and trusting nature.

WHR: Who is your favorite horse? This can be one of your horses or one that you simply admire.

Grider: My favorite horse of all time is Silverado Spirit because we had a special bond that I haven’t had with any other horse in a long time.

WHR: Besides actual “riding” itself, what other aspects of the horse show world do you most enjoy?

Grider: I love being able to see all my horse friends who share a common love for the Tennessee Walking Horse.

WHR: Tell me a little about your trainers.

Grider: My trainers are my dad Brent Grider and Hannah Myatt. They have taught me that if you really want something to keep working until you succeed.

WHR: What’s your favorite show ring memory?

Grider: My favorite memory from the show ring is when I showed my very first padded horse, The White Mask, in the 6-11 mare class.

WHR: What do you want to be (professionally) when you grow up?

Grider: I want to be a veterinarian.

WHR: What’s something you’d like to learn to do?

Grider: I would like to learn how to ski.

WHR: Who is a person you admire and why?

Grider: Someone I admire is Tommy Loid. He got me into showing padded horses when I was six years old when no one else could.

WHR: What’s something you’d share as a piece of advice to someone new to the horse show world?

Grider: Don’t worry if you don’t make the best show. Just practice a little harder and know that there will be other shows.

WHR: What is one of your goals for the upcoming year?

Grider: One of my goals for the year ahead is to win a world grand championship on a padded horse.

WHR: What’s something about you that your horse friends might be surprised to learn?

Grider: Something people would be surmised to learn about me is that I raise and sell several breeds of pet rabbits.

WHR: What’s a motto or philosophy in life that you try to live by?

Grider: I like to live by the motto, “If your dreams or goals don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough!”

WHR: If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would it be and where would you eat?

Grider: If I could have dinner with someone famous it would be Sophia Bush because she is my favorite character on the show Chicago PD.