Editor’s Note: The following was read on Friday, September 22, 2023 as the presentation of the Nation’s colors was made at Cascade High School.

Our flag horse tonight is Cashes Ritzy Lady. She is presented by Kara Brooke Adams.

Owned by the Kris Adams family, Cashes Ritzy Lady is six years old and is known around the barn as “Allie”. She is currently The National Youth All Day Pleasure Champion and Grand Champion. This year she has also won blues in Pensacola, Florida, at the Southern Belle show, The Germantown Charity Show, The Summer Classic and the International Grand Championship. In addition to her blue ribbon rides this season, she also has six reserve championships, including a Youth Best In Show, and just like tonight, these wins were with Kara Brooke in the irons. 

Presenting the horse and the flag is Kara Brooke Adams, a freshman here at Cascade High School. Kara Brooke is the daughter of Kris & Holli Adams of Shelbyville. KB, as she is known around school, is a member of the Lady Champions basketball team and is a member of the interact club. In her free time, as you can imagine, KB can be found at Elliott Performance Horses, helping her trainer, Kyle Elliott who has become her greatest mentor. 
Kara Brooke says that her greatest joy and most memorable moment came just a few short weeks ago, as she won her very first world championship at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, aboard her three-year-old equine partner, Serrano!

Kara Brooke wants to express her sincere thanks to Kyle Elliott for the preparation of Allie to present our nation’s colors tonight and to Cascade High School and Mrs. Beth Thomas, for allowing her to represent our school’s beautiful mascot the Tennessee Walking Horse.