The Kentucky HIO realizes that civic organizes that put on horse shows sometimes have difficulties raising money to keep their shows afloat. Therefore, we will offer a refund of $2.00 per horse instead of the $1.00 refund we did last year. Essentially, if the show turns in their paperwork within 30 days, it will only cost the show $3.00 per horse. The Kentucky HIO’s main goal is to help and keep the existence of Tennessee Walking Horse Shows. We hope by doing this for the 2018 show season, it may lift a burden off of shows that may be having financial difficulties.

The Kentucky HIO also adopted the USDA’s new regulations allowing flat shod horses to be inspected with saddle on. 

The new penalty structure/changes are as follows:
1. All Pre-Show violations will result in the entry horse being disqualified to show during the present show. No subsequent suspension period.
2. Each Trainer is allowed four (4) send back violations with the fifth (5) violation resulting in a two (2) week suspension.
3. All post show violations carry a suspension of two (2) weeks for the Trainer.
4. All suspensions run concurrently.

For further clarification and questions, please call the KY-HIO office at 606-748-5991.