Tennessee Walking Horse Industry,

The family of the late Marvin North would like to thank you for this special honor for our son, brother, dad and friend!

Marvin Ellis North was born on May 1, 1961, and departed this life on August 29, 2023. He was the second of eight children to the late Joe Ellis North (2011) and Shellie North. 

As a youngster, Marvin began to show interest in horses when he got his first horse, a spotted pony he named Bill, who he showed and won numerous ribbons at 4-H shows and county fairs. His love for horses continued when he worked alongside his Dad at the family’s “Little 11 Stables”, where he learned the “North Lick” by mimicking his Dad’s style of riding. Little did we know it would turn into his lifetime passion for riding and training Tennessee Walking horses.

Over the course of his career, Marvin worked with some of the greats at several stables such as Sammy Day at Continental Farms, Billy Gray at Sand Creek Farm, Ramsey Bullington, David Landrum at Ravenswood Farm, Joel and Joe Weaver at Rising Star Ranch and Dick Peebles, just to name a few.

During his career, he was named Assistant Trainer of the Year in 1999. His most notable horse was The Lottery at Ravenswood Farm where he won five first place finishes himself. After he stopped showing The Lottery, he enjoyed training him and was his trainer when he was crowned World Grand Champion with Joe Cotton.

Even with his failing health, Marvin wanted to visit the “Big Oval” one more time and his good friend, Michael Scott made it happen last year when he rode Miss Bad And Bossy into the ring.

The say, “when you do something you love, it isn’t work,” and this was true for Marvin. He lived and breathed for the Tennessee Walking Horses. There are few things in life that calm you, bring you pure joy and making everything all right; for Marvin, it was being next to or on a Tennessee Walking Horse.

The Family of Marvin North