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***PRHTA HORSE SHOW (Riders' Cup)

June 10, 2010, Decatur, AL

PRHTA HORSE SHOW (Riders' Cup): Located at the Celebration Arena in Decatur, AL.  Contact Barbara Johnston at 931-762-4485 or Show begins at 6:00pm.

Judge: Roger Byrd

1. Stick Horse
2. English Trail Pleasure Racking
3. Riders' Cup Four Year Old Walking Open
4. Specialty Action Two Year Old Open
5. Amateur Open Walking
6. Youth Racking
7. Park Performance Open Walking
8. Show Pleasure Racking
9. Western Pleasure Open Racking
10. Four Year & Under Open Racking
11. Riders' Cup Two Year Old Open Walking
12. Specialty Action Amateur Open
13. Country Pleasure Racking
14. Two Year Old Racking
15. Gaited Mules Open
*15 min break*
16. Show Pleasure Open Walking
17. Specialty Action Amateur 15.2 Open
18. Walkinig Ponies Amateur Open
19. Amateur Open Racking
20. Specialty Action Three Year Old Open
21. Pleasure Racking
22. Amateur 15.2 & Under Open Racking
23. Trail Pleasure Western Amateur/Youth Racking
24. Riders' Cup Three Year Old Walking
25. Specialty Action Four Year Old Open
26. Park Pleasure Racking
27. Specialty Action Youth
28. Speed Open Shod Racking
29. Racking Stake
30. Riders' Cup Walking Stake (Canter)
31. Specialty Action Stake

Entry Fee:
Line Classes: $35.00
Riders' Cup Classes: $50.00
Stake Classes: $50.00

Line Classes: $60/45/35/25/25
Riders' Cup: $130/90/70/60/50
Stake Classes: $130/90/70/60/50

*Walking Classes are Specialty unless otherwise noted

Stalls: $20.00
RV Space: $25.00 Rental


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