VERSATILITY CHALLENGE HORSE SHOW: Located at Greene Acres, 5041 Reece Rd., Plant City, FL. Contact Mary Palmer at 407-929-4857 or

1.         Open Model

2.         Youth Model

3.         Open Showmanship

4.         Youth Trail Obstacle

5.         +Novice Trail Obstacle

6.         Advanced Trail Obstacle

7.         *Youth Gaited Specialty (Flat shod)

8.         *Open Gaited Specialty (Flat shod)

8a.        *Trail Pleasure Racking

9.         *Field Trial

10.       *Amateur Country Pleasure Specialty

11.       Adult Water Glass

12.       Youth Water Glass

13.       *Open Flat Shod – 2 gait

14.       *Amateur Trail Pleasure Specialty

14a.      *Flat shod Racking

15.       Egg & Spoon

16.       *Open Flat Shod to Canter

17.       Western Reining

18.       Western Riding

19.       Gaited Barrels

20.       Youth Barrels

21.       Adult Barrels

22.       Gaited Poles

23.       Youth Poles

24.       Adult Poles

25.       Dolly Parton Race


*Following the lineup each of these classes will require each competitor to maneuver an obstacle.

+Horse/rider teams showing in the Novice trail obstacle division cannot have won a blue in 2010.